Nacalai Tesque COSMOSIL HPLC Columns

Superior HPLC columns can be produced only with excellent packing materials and superb packing technique. COSMOSIL columns are well known for their high efficiency and high-resolution separations. Based on spherical, totally porous silica, COSMOSIL columns provide enhanced chemical and mechanical stability as well as very high surface coverage. The selection of the C18?chemistries available enables the chromatographer to tailor separation to special applications. The ultra pure silica based MS-II series with widely extended pH range are developed for improved separation of basic compounds. The C18?AR-II phase provides increased acid resistance. Four unique bonded chemistries are available for Cosmosil specialty columns: Cholester, πNAP, PYE and HILIC. These specialty columns may improve the separation compared with conventional columns. Five highly effective phases for fullerene separation are also available: Buckyprep, Buckyprep-M, PBB, PYE and NPE. COSMOGEL packing materials are non-silica based and provide superior performance in ion exchange columns.

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