Rodwell Portaclave Portable Stainless Steel Autoclave, Electrically Heated - Vario Automatic Control - Time and Temperature

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ST1528V 15 280 ⌀ x 245D Portaclave 15V £3098.00 + -
ST2228V 22 280 ⌀ x 360D Portaclave 22V £3675.00 + -
ST3028V 30 280 ⌀ x 490D Portaclave 30V £4148.00 + -
ST5035V 50 350 ⌀ x 520D Portaclave 50V £0.00 + -

Portaclave®™ Autoclaves

General Technical Specification

Material Stainless Steel 316
Heat Source Internal Electric Element 230V / 110V - AC 50Hz - 2.0kW Electronic Thermostatic Control
Design Pressure 1.3 bar (18 psi)
Design Temperature 0 - 125ºC
H T Pressure 2.0 bar (30 psi)
S W Pressure 1.3 bar (18 psi)
Maximum Working Temperature 121ºC
Variable Temperature 100ºC - 121ºC
Variable Time 1 minute - 99 minutes
Preset Cycles 0 minutes @ 115ºC 15 minutes @ 121ºC 30 minutes @ 121ºC 60 minutes @ 115ºC VARIO Control
Complies With H&SE PM73 (Lid Locking Devices) BS3456 Part 101 1987 (Electrical Safety)
CE Marked In Compliance with EMC regulations 1992

The VARIO is heated by a single internal element. This is available for use with 230V or 110V electrical supplies. Please indicate the required voltage when ordering. The temperature is controlled by the VARIO time and temperature control and PT100 probe. The VARIO 1528 is fitted with an automatic cut-out to prevent it boiling dry. Every autoclave is electrically tested in compliance with BS3456 Part 101 1987.

Key Features

  • 15, 22 or 30 litres
  • Manual or VARIO Digital Controller
  • Robust space saving design
  • Single phase “plug & play”
  • Compact and fully portable
  • No plumbing needed
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Grade 316 stainless steel chamber
  • Suitable for Culture Media


Vario Controller

  • Variable Temperature: 100°c – 121°c
  • Variable Time: 1 – 99 minutes
  • Preset Cycles: 
    • 30 mins at 115°c
    • 15 mins at 121°c
    • 30 mins at 121°c
    • 60 mins at 115°c

The VARIO time and temperature control features four preset and one variable cycle. The variable cycle is stored in permanent memory so that it can be instantly recalled for the next use. The control shows a countdown of sterilisation time and current temperature at all times. Operation is very simple. The cycle temperature and time are selected by pressing either one of the four preset cycle buttons or the variable cycle button. If the variable cycle is chosen the temperature and time are then set to the values required. The Start button is then pressed and the unit automatically runs through the sterilisation cycle unattended. At the end of sterilisation an audible sound is given to allow the user to drain off the water, if the drying vacuum cycle is required. The unit then cools until it reaches a safe temperature for the contents to be removed, at which point another audible sound is given.

The VARIO is made from stainless steel with a polished exterior for easier cleaning. The lid is removable for full width access. Items to be sterilised can be placed in the inner liner provided with the machine. Alternately, Dressing Drums and Wire Mesh Baskets are available. The lid locking device is comprised of six wing nuts and six locking lugs. This ensures that the lid cannot be opened while the vessel is under pressure. After the sterilising period, a condensing vacuum is drawn to aid drying. This is particularly useful for dressings and drapes.

The VARIO is particularly suitable for destructive sterilisation. The operator is not restricted to a set sterilising period. This can be adjusted to suit the application.

The VARIO comes complete with: 

  • Inner Liner with Handles
  • Easy to follow Users Manual
  • Manufacturers Safety Test Certificate
  • Manufacturers One Year Guarantee (this does not affect your statutory rights)
    • Weight
      19000 g
    • SKU
    • Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    Rodwell Autoclave Company
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Capacity (L)
    15, 22, 30, 50
  • Chamber Dimensions
    280 ⌀ x 245D, 280 ⌀ x 360D, 280 ⌀ x 490D, 350 ⌀ x 520D
  • Model
    Portaclave 15V, Portaclave 22V, Portaclave 30V, Portaclave 50V