Rodwell Autoclave Company

Autoclaves are often overlooked in the central role they play to the operation of the modern laboratory. The vast majority of laboratories simply cannot function without one. Therefore, it is the smart buyer who gives such careful consideration to the single piece of equipment so essential to the efficient every day to day running of a laboratory.

Everybody is under constant pressure to reduce costs and save money. However, how smart is the buyer who saves money on the initial purchase, only to incur additional costs in extra maintenance; breakdowns which will ultimately result in the early replacement of an instrument?

at Rodwell, spending more will ultimately cost you less because we don’t just manufacture great autoclaves; we guarantee it…

Rodwell autoclaves tend to cost more than most of the competition but vast savings are quickly realised due to reduced operating, service and maintenance costs. Not to mention the costs to your laboratory when an autoclave breaks down

19th October 2017 Dixons Portable Autoclaves became part of the Rodwell Autoclave range.

Items: 140 of 95
Items: 140 of 95