Endecotts OCT200CL/100-240 OCTAGON 200CL Laboratory Sieve Shaker, Range: 20 µm to 125 mm, 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

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  • for up to 8 full height 200 mm (8”) diameter sieves (to be ordered separately) including quick-release clamping system 


Range20 µm to 125 mm
Drive / sieving motionelectromagnetic 3D
Max. batch / feed capacity3 kg
Max. number of sieves8 full height / 16 half height (200 mm sieves)
Amplitude0 - 3 mm
digital setting in 0.1 mm steps
"Closed Loop" amplitude control
Speed3,000 min-1 at 50 Hz
Time displaydigital, 00:10 - 99:50 min
Interval operationyes (two modes)
Suitable for dry sievingyes
Suitable for wet sievingyes
Serial interfaceyes (RS232)
Sieve diameter100 / 200 mm
Max. height of sieve stackup to 450 mm
Clamping devicequick-release clamping system (included)
Protection codeIP 54
Electrical supply100-240V 50/60Hz
Power connection1 - Phase
W x H x D418 x 232 x 435 mm
Net weight~35 kg
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The new Octagon 200CL for precise, reproducible and error-free sieving processes competes with the most advanced sieve shakers in the world.

Several unique features have been developed specifically for this sieve shaker, including the ‘Closed Loop’ amplitude control for ultimate reproducibility.

The Octagon 200CL is designed to work with Endecotts’ SieveWare, the new software for easy evaluation and documentation of the sieving process.

Range: 20 µm to 125 mm • Drive / sieving motion:  electromagnetic 3D • Amplitude: 0 - 3 mm, digital setting in 0.1 mm steps, “Closed Loop” amplitude control • Sieve diameter:  100 / 200 mm, 3” / 8’


  • 'Closed Loop' total amplitude control ensures reproducible sieving
  • Digital controls for easy and reliable operation
  • Easy-to-use sieve clamping system
  • Accepts up to 8 full height 200 mm (8") diameter sieves
  • Suitable for dry and wet sieving
  • 3D sieving motion allows for high separation efficiency and non blinding sieving action
  • Full compatibility with new SieveWare evaluation and control software via RS232 Port (printed or digital protocols)
  • Voltage-independent
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Compact & portable

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