CERI 723330 L-column2 ODS C18 Octadecyl HPLC Column, 3.0mm x 100mm, 2μm Particle Size

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Average particle size:2µm, 3µm, 5µm
Average pore size:120 Å
Surface area:340 m2/g
Carbon contents:17 %
Bonded phase:C18 (Octadecyl)
USP category:L1
Range of pH:pH 2 – pH 9

L-column2 ODS, 2μm was developed with usability in mind. Its low pressure reduces the load of columns and equipment, and its high durability provides a high theoretical plate number for a wide range of mobile phase flow rates. Therefore, L-column2 ODS, 2μm is an ideal 2-μm particle column

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Low back pressure and high theoretical plate number 

The back pressure of L-column2 ODS is low due to thorough quality control and superior packing technology. This means that a high theoretical plate number for a 2-μm particle column can be obtained using a general-purpose HPLC system. Figure 12 is plot of the theoretical plate number versus back pressure for various brands of columns for UHPLC. The relationship between back pressure and the theoretical plate number of UHPLC columns are clearly different depending on the manufacturer. L-column2 ODS, 2μm is suitable for a wide range of analytical conditions because it has low back pressure in addition to a high theoretical plate number, making it a superior column. 

High durability 

L-column2 ODS, 2μm is packed under very high pressure to endure the high pressures that occur during use. Because it is not influenced by the pressure fluctuations that occur during sample injection, L-column2 ODS, 2μm has the stability for long-term use. When L-column pre-column filter is used, the durability of a column is further improved because the filter prevents insoluble elements in the mobile phase and the sample from entering the column (Fig. 13). 

Low adsorption 

Highly accurate ultra-high-speed analyses are possible because there is very low absorption with the advanced end-capping of L-column2 ODS, 2μm. In the analysis of basic amitriptyline and neutral acenaphthene, the tailing coefficient of amitriptyline is close to 1 and the difference in retention times of these two compounds is less when a low-adsorption column is used. L-column2 ODS, 2μm is a superior and low-adsorption column because the tailing coefficient is small, at 1.2, and the difference in retention times of the two compounds is small (Fig. 14).

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      L-column2 ODS