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Column developed in pursuit of convenience and high performance

L-column series is the column for reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) that enabled separation only by hydrophobic interaction because of inhibition of the secondary interaction with residual silanol groups and metal impurities.

Line up

ColumnBonded phaseBase silicaEnd-cappingParticle size(μm)
L-column3 C18

C18(ODS)PCS SilicaYes2, 3, 5
L-column3 C8

C8(Octyl)PCS SilicaYes5
L-column2 ODSC18(ODS)High purity spherical silicaYes2, 3, 5
L-column2 C8C8(Octyl)High purity spherical silicaYes3, 5
L-column2 C6-PhenylPhenyl-HexylHigh purity spherical silicaYes3, 5
L-column ODSC18(ODS)High purity spherical silicaYes3, 5
L-column C8C8(Octyl)High purity spherical silicaYes5
L-column ODS-PC18(ODS)High purity spherical silicaYes5
L-column L-1180C18(ODS)+DiolSpherical silicaNo10
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Items: 140 of 301
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