WTW 301970 TetraCon®-3 325 4 Electrode Graphite Cell, 3 m Cable

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TetraCon 325-3 4-electrode conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 9.8 ft (3 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K = 0.475/cm - Very high precision and linearity - Extremely large measuring range with only 1 cell - Long-term stable cell constant - No

Technical Data

*Measuring range depends on the respective meter  
 TetraCon®KLE 325
Measuring range1 µS/cm ... 2 S/cm*1 µS/cm ... 20 mS/cm*
Temperature range0 ... 100 °C0 ... 100 °C
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The universally usable conductivity measuring cells by WTW set standard in the conductivity measurement. Their 4 electrode technology makes them insensitive to pollution, uninfluenced by polarization effects and therefore precise and reliable in any conditions. For simple applications, there is a cost-effective 2 electrode cell with graphite electrodes available.


Conductivity measuring cells with graphite electrodes in two and four pin models for standard measurements in aqueous solutions in the field and in the lab

  • No measuring errors due to cable, polarization effects or changes of the electrical edge field
  • Highest precision and linearity
  • Long-term stable cell constant thanks to graphite electrodes
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