WTW 102274 Temperature Sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation

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Temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation with 3.3 ft (1 m) cable and waterproof plug

Technical Data

TypePrecision temperature sensor
NTC30 kOhm at 25 °C
Temperature range0 .. 212.00 ℉


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pH and ORP measurements must always have a temperature indication. During pH measurement, the indication of a temperature to compensate the temperature effect, and the documentation, with ORP measurement, only for documentation purposes. During ISE measurement it is important that the calibration and the measurement are performed in the same temperature range. Temperature sensors by WTW are used with pH and ORP electrodes that do not have their own temperature sensor. The temperature sensors are equipped with two 4 mm banana plugs.

Temperature sensors with built-in NTC 30 kOhm - prerequisite for precise results for pH, ORP and ISE measurements

  • Precise temperature measurement
  • Waterproof connection
  • Models for different applications available
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    WTW - Xylem Inc
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