Seward Stomacher® 4500 BAM Laboratory Blender

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A versatile Stomacher® designed for the BAM testing procedure as well as large volume blending and extraction.   The Stomacher® 4500 BAM delivers the quality of testing expected from Seward Stomacher® lab blenders.  It’s the perfect tool for extraction from 375g composite samples and provides food laboratories with a high performance, high quality blender capable of homogenizing samples up to 4500ml.

  • Sample capacity from 400ml – 4500ml
  • Allows for combined testing of analytical units, reducing number of individual tests and increasing laboratory work flow.
  • Auto / Manual settings for speed and time
  • Easy to use – simple to set up, easy bag loading
  • Safety ‘Door Open’ detector stops paddles immediately




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Initially designed in response to the introduction of the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Stomacher® 4500 BAM  is ideal for the BAM large volume testing procedure.

The Stomacher® 4500 BAM is the perfect tool for extraction from 375g composite samples, as defined by the FDA’s BAM protocols for the preparation of Category III food samples for Salmonella detection. Here the composite sample is combined with its pre-enrichment medium at a 1:9 sample-to-broth ratio (375g sample/3375mL pre-enrichment) with no risk of spillage. Consequently, the large volume Stomacher® 4500 lab blender enables food manufacturers to combine 15 x 25g (375g) analytical units, rather than testing each unit individually, so saving time when analysing lower risk food products.

As the demand for faster, cheaper, easier and more accurate tests continues to grow for large volume sample preparation requirements, the Stomacher 4500 BAM offers a solution for applications in food microbiology, forensic residue and hygiene analysis as well as environmental applications.

  • Perfectly positioned for large volume testing procedures, most commonly used for food microbiology applications.
  • It is suitable for volume sample sizes from 1000ml – 4500ml
  • Compatible with a range of bags suitable for both standard and heavy duty sample testing.

Technical Specifications


Sample Size

400ml – 4500ml

Product codes 4500/001/EU
Supply voltage: 220-250V 110-120V
Mains Inlet Fuses: T800mA 250V 5x20mm
breaking capacity: 35A @ 250V
T2.0A 250V 5x20mm
breaking capacity: 100A @ 250V
Supply Frequency: 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
Plug Top Fuse: F5A (UK cord set only)
Transformer Fuse: T250mA 250V 5x20mm, breaking capacity: 35A @ 250V
PCB Fuse: F2.5A 250V 5x20mm, breaking capacity: 100A @ 250V
Insulation: Class 1 (Earthed)
Installation: Over Voltage Category II
Pollution: Pollution Degree 2
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Rated Load: 120W
Adjustable paddles: Patented
Warranty: 3 years
Service and support: 10 years
Dimensions: 480mm(w) x 480mm(d) x 445mm(h)
Dimensions (Packed): 600mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 580mm(h)
Weight: 36kg
Weight (Packed): 42kg
Minimum recommended capacity: 1000ml
Maximum recommended capacity: 4500ml
Maximum Recommended Sample Temp: 60°C
Recommended Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 10-35°C
Recommended Operating Relative Humidity Range: 10-89%
Fixed Timer settings: 30 secs (+/-5%)
60 secs (+/-5%)
120 sec (+/-5%)
No load paddle speeds:
(@nominal 20°C)
125rpm (±5%) LOW
(150rpm (±5%) NORM
175rpm (±5%) HIGH
Paddle Clearance: 0-20mm


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  • Manufacturer
    Seward Ltd
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Voltage
    110-120V, 220-250V
  • Sample Size
    400ml – 4500ml
  • Maximum Recommended Sample Temp