Seward Stomacher 400 EVO Sample Preparation Laboratory Blender

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Improved, easy to-use-features with the potential to reduce your laboratory’s plastic usage and waste costs, the Stomacher® 400 EVO provides maximum performance in sample preparation with no change to established protocols.  Ideal for every application that currently uses a paddle blender for blending sample sizes 80ml – 400ml.  When used with our exclusive Stomacher® Eco bags, the Stomacher® 400 EVO will reduce the amount of plastic used in sample preparation.

  • Suitable for volume sample sizes from 80ml – 400ml
  • Unique ‘one-touch’ bag loading system
  • Programmable process times and paddle speeds for consistent results
  • Easy to use – simple to set up, programmable operation with digital control panel
  • Easy to clean with removable drip tray and paddles
  • Anti-vibration technology reduces bench vibrations and operational noise




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The Stomacher® 400 EVO paddle blender is ideal for every application that currently uses a paddle blender for blending sample sizes 80ml – 400ml.  Upgrading to our Stomacher 400 EVO from a traditional 400 model blender is easy and has no impact on established protocols.

When used with the exclusive ECO bags, our Stomacher EVO® can help reduce the amount laboratories spend on consumables per year. The ECO bags are made exclusively for the EVO and are 30% smaller than standard bags. The size reduction means your laboratory can operate more sustainably by using less single-use plastic in your processes.

The Stomacher®400 EVO also benefits from improved and easy-to-use features including faster more efficient cleaning and bag-loading operation, while our enhanced new technology minimises vibration resulting in a quieter operation for your laboratory.


Technical Specifications


Sample Size

80ml – 400ml

Supply voltage:      100 -240V
Mains Inlet Fuses:      1.0A, 250V, anti surge
Supply Frequency: 47-63Hz
Plug Top Fuse: F5A (UK cord set)
Insulation: Class 1 (Earthed)
Installation: Over Voltage Category II
Pollution: Pollution Degree 2
Dimensions: H300mm x W310mm x D480mm
Weight: (unpacked) 18.8kg
Disposable bag sizes: Various
Max Rated Power: 100W
Minimum recommended capacity: 80ml
Maximum recommended capacity: 400ml
Maximum Recommended Sample Temp: 60°C
Recommended Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 10-40°C
Recommended Operating Relative Humidity Range: 10-89%
Adjustable Timer settings: 9 mins 55 seconds in 5 sec increments
No load paddle speeds: Slow – 150rpm (400 equivalent)
Medium – 180rpm (400 equivalent)
Fast – 210rpm (400 equivalent)
Paddle Clearance: 4mm


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    Seward Ltd
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Voltage
    100 -240V
  • Sample Size
    80ml – 400ml
  • Maximum Recommended Sample Temp