Seward BA6141/STR Stomacher® 400 Circulator Strainer Bag

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Our range of bags for sample sizes 80ml to 400ml includes standard, strainers and closure bags for use with Seward Stomacher® 400 Circulator, Stomacher® 400 Classic and Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO lab blenders.



The Stomacher® Circulator Strainer Bag is suitable for samples that produce a large amount of debris, fat or harder samples such as shellfish.  With a curved bottom seal for robust processing, they contain a strainer element allowing easier pipetting of the sample produced (strainer pore size 0.5mm).

  • Sample size: 80ml – 400ml
  • Integrated strainer element for clean pipetting
  • Suitable for all makes of paddle blenders
  • Irradiated sterile
  • Bag size: 177mm x 305mm




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