Lab-Bubble™ BUB-PCR-FA-RED Red PCR Bubble Filtered Air Bubble, Complete with with HEPA filtered air environment, Airflow Alarm and UV Decontamination Lamp

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Performance: ISO Class 5 Clean Air Environment UV-C Germicidal Lamp (254nm)
Airflow: 0.40m/s Face Velocity Factory Calibrated
Alarm: Hot Wire Sensor -Audible/Visual
Filtration: Two Stage HEPA Filtration System Proven to H14 standard EN 1822 Filter Life: 2-3 Years Safe Change Design Power: 90-240V 1ph 50/60hz Load 1.0A 


Weight: 38kg
Base: 10mm Chemically Resistant, Process Modified Polypropylene
Top: 6mm Chemically Resistant, Impact Modified Acrylic
Extract Unit White Powder Coated Steel
Filter Module: White Powder Coated Steel
UV-C Lamp: White Powder Coated Steel 


User Install, No Engineer Required
Pre Validated and Tested System
Documentation Pack Provided
No Facility Air Supply Required

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The PCR Clean Air Bubble is designed to provide an enclosed environment for the handling of sensitive PCR reagents.  The system operates as a positive pressure HEPA filtered system that creates a continual ISO Class 5 clean air blanket over the sample preparation area.

Airflow is taken in from the laboratory and filtered through a 2 stage HEPA filter system before passing into the enclosure and back out into the laboratory. Airflow is monitored continuously to ensure that no airborne contaminants can enter the enclosure. Each enclosure also features a proven 254nm germicidal UV-C lamp to provide bio-decontamination before and after use.

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