Julabo 8981015 External PT100 Sensor, 300 X 6 mm, Stainless Steel/PTFE Coated, 3 M Cable Usable For Working Temperatures From -75 C To 250 C Without Handle

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This accessory is suitable for:

CF31, CF41, F25-HE, F25-HL, F25-ME, F26-ME, F32-HE, F32-HL, F32-ME, F33-HL, F33-MA, F34-HE, F34-ME, F70-ME, F81-HL, F81-ME, F95-SL, FP35-HL, FP40-HE, FP40-HL, FP40-ME, FP50-HE, FP50-HL, FP50-ME, FP51-SL, FP52-SL, FP52-SL, FP52-SL-150C, FP55-SL, FP55-SL, FP55-SL-150C, FP89-HL, FP89-ME, FP90-SL, FP90-SL, FP90-SL-150C, FPW50-HE, FPW50-HL, FPW50-ME, FPW52-SL, FPW52-SL, FPW52-SL-150C, FPW55-SL, FPW55-SL, FPW55-SL-150C, FPW90-SL, FPW90-SL, FPW90-SL-150C, FPW91-SL, FPW91-SL, HE-4, HL-4, HT30-M1, HT30-M1-CU, HT60-M2, HT60-M2-CU, HT60-M3, HT60-M3-CU, ME, ME-12, ME-16G, ME-18V, ME-26, ME-4, ME-6, PRESTO A30, PRESTO A40, PRESTO A45, PRESTO A45t, PRESTO A80, PRESTO A80t, PRESTO A85, PRESTO A85t, PRESTO W40, PRESTO W50, PRESTO W50t, PRESTO W80, PRESTO W80t, PRESTO W85, PRESTO W85t, PRESTO W91, PRESTO W91tt, PRESTO W91x, PRESTO W92, PRESTO W92tt, PRESTO W92ttx, PRESTO W92x, SE-12, SE-26, SE-6, SE-Z, SL-12, SL-26, SL-6

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