Interscience Plate & Count System - Automatic plating and colony counting

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Plate & Count System by INTERSCIENCE is a fully automatized system for sample plating and colony counting with an automatic sample plater and an automatic colony counter for greater efficiency and traceability of bacterial results.

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The Plate & Count system with automatic diluting, plating and colony counting are now the perfect solution when it comes to meeting efficiency and traceability requirements for microbiological analyses.
Boosting your lab work with top-of-the line technology made in France, easySpiral Dilute innovative automatic diluter and plater, dataLink traceability system and Scan automatic colony counters, this fully automated system will guarantee your customers with fully extensive, traceable and reliable results.


- 75 % time-saving and consumables savings

- Secured and traceable bacterial results

- Top-of-the-line technology made in France

Comparison for 150 samples between the manual and the automatic Plate & Count system method.

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With easySpiral automatic platers, increase your lab capacity with a counting range from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL on 1 single Petri dish without prior dilution.


Automatic plating modes