Grant Instruments BT5D High Temperature Digital Dry Block Heater

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BT5D-16 38 x ø16 x 60mm (depth) tube
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BT5D-26 22 x ø26 x 60mm (depth) tube
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The Grant BT5D is a convenient digitally controlled dry block heating system for high-temperature applications where the use of a bath is not desirable. It provides temperature control without the need for fluids and reduces the risk of contamination.

  • Temperature range ambient plus 10 to 400ºC
  • Stability ±0.5ºC, uniformity 1%
  • Timed or continuous operation
  • Choice of two models with different block capacities


  • Veterinary laboratories – digestion of tissue samples for lead analyses
  • Chemical laboratories – organic synthesis
  • Technology and research – materials (explosives) testing
  • Any application requiring heating in a dry block up to 400ºC


  • Robust construction for long term durability and reliability
  • Digital controller for accurate and reproducible time and temperature setting
  • An adjustable overtemperature cut-out protects users, valuable samples and the workplace
  • Choice of two models: BT5D-16 for 38 x Ø 16mm tubes and BT5D-26 for 22 x Ø 26mm tubes (other sizes available)

  BT5D-16 BT5D-26
Dimensions (h x d x w) 145 x 420 x 205mm 145 x 420 x 205mm
Capacity 38 x ø16 x 60mm (depth) tube 22 x ø26 x 60mm (depth) tube
Temperature range Ambient +10 to 400ºC Ambient +10 to 400ºC
Stability (DIN 58966) 0.5±ºC (up to 300ºC) 0.5±ºC (up to 300ºC)
Uniformity ±1% ±1%
Display LED LED
Display resolution 1ºC 1ºC
Alarms High and low High and low
Heat up time (ambient +10 to 400ºC) 1 hour 40 minutes 1 hour 40 minutes
Timer 1 to 9999 minutes 1 to 9999 minutes
Safety Adjustable cut-out Adjustable cut-out
Electrical power – 230V 750W 750W
Electrical power – 120V 750W 750W
Supply voltage 120 or 230V (50/60Hz) 120 or 230V (50/60Hz)
Weight 7.5kg 7.5kg
    • Weight
      7500 g
    • SKU
    • Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Capacity
    38 x ø16 x 60mm (depth) tube, 22 x ø26 x 60mm (depth) tube
  • Temperatute Range
    Ambient +10 To 400ºC
  • Dry Block Heaters
    • Number of blocks
    • Heat output
      750 W
    • Heating temperature range
      Ambient + 10 to 400°C