Grant Bio MSH-300i Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

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SKU Ambient Temperature Range Capacity (L) Liquid stirring viscosity Plate Size Speed Range Weight (In Grams) Price (excluding VAT) Availability Qty To Purchase
Grant Bio MSH-300i Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer MSH-300i +30 to 330°C 20 up to 1170mPa ø 160mm 100 to 1250rpm (10 rpm increment) 3200 £611.20 1 + -

Digital magnetic stirrer with heating; the MSH-300i Intelli-stirrer is designed for laboratories with higher requirements. It offers digital setting and control of temperature and rotation speed. A powerful magnet allows mixing solutions with glycerine viscosity level. Maximum volume of stirred liquid is 20 litres.

  • Adjustable speed control: 100 to 1250rpm
  • Maximum stirring volume: 20 litres
  • Overheat protection
  • dAliumium alloy plate
  • Stirrer bar and retort stand included as standard



  • Clinical/Healthcare – thawing/heating/stirring samples
  • Pharmaceutical – Heating and stirring samples
  • Science education in schools/universities – practical science demonstration and experimentation
  • Industrial – QC testing, sample preparation



Dimensions (h x d x w) 100 x 270 x 190mm
Ambient temperature range +30 to 330°C
Uniformity 3±ºC
Speed 100 to 1250rpm (10 rpm increment)
Capacity (stirring volume) 20L
Liquid stirring viscosity up to 1170mPa
Working plate heating time to 330ºC 11 minutes
Working plate size ø 160mm
Retort stand height 320mm
Plate material aluminium alloy
Length of magnetic stirring element 20-70mm
Heating power 550W
External power supply Input AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
Power consumption 8.5W (stirring) 550W (heating)
Weight 3.2kg
    • Weight (In Grams)
      3200 g
    • SKU
    • Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd
  • Country of Origin
  • Ambient Temperature Range
    +30 to 330°C, Not Applicable
  • Capacity (L)
    20, Not Applicable
  • Liquid stirring viscosity
    up to 1170mPa, Not Applicable
  • Plate Size
    ø 160mm, Not Applicable
  • Speed Range
    100 to 1250rpm (10 rpm increment), Not Applicable
  • Stirrers
    • Number Of Stirring Points
    • Speed Range (rpm)
      100 to 1250rpm
    • Stirring Volume (L)
    • Plate Dimensions (mm)
      Ø 160mm
    • Temperature Range (°C)
      +30 to 330°C