Daicel 88355 CHIRALPAK ® IB N-5 Preparative HPLC Chiral Column - Polysaccharide Derivatives Solvent-Rich Chiral Column, 50mm, 250mm, 5µm

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The surface of the silica gel is covalently bonded with cellulose-tris (3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate)

IB N-3/IB N-5 Solvent-resistant chiral column with a cellulose-tris (3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) covalently bonded to the surface of the silica gel.

Unrestricted use of solvents, extensive dissolution conditions, use of any miscible solvent as mobile phase, dissolved sample, chiral column regeneration.

Usable solvents such as:

Positive Phase: n-Hexane, IPA, EtOH

Special mobile phase: Ethyl acetate, CH 3 Cl, THF, MTBE

Reversed phase: H 2 O, IPA, MeOH

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Particle sizeCHIRALPAK ®  IB N-3: 3μm
CHIRALPAK ®  IB N-5: 5μm
pressureIn order to extend the service life of the chiral column, it is recommended to keep the pressure below 30MPa.
pH valuepH 2.0~9.0
Storage solventCHIRALPAK ®  IB N-3: n-Hexane/2-Propanol = 90/10 (v/v)
CHIRALPAK ®  IB N-5: n-Hexane/Ethanol = 90/10 (v/v)

For the IB N type, the same cellulose tris (3,5-dimethylphenyl carbamate) as the chiral selector CHIRALPAK IB / IB-3 (particle size: 5 μm / 3 μm) and cellulose derivative (Cellulose tris (3,5- dimethylphenylcarbamate) Since it uses a stationary phase immobilized on a silica gel carrier, it can be used as a mobile phase or a sample dissolving solution for silica gel-based HPLC columns such as ethyl acetate, THF, halogen solvents, DMSO, etc. as well as hexane and alcohol All solvents are available. Also, you can use it under reverse phase conditions. This product has greatly improved the degree of separation (Rs) while maintaining the conventional separation tendency. Semi-micro (for small diameter), analytical and semi-preparative columns are available, so column size can be selected according to application.

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    Chiral Technnologies (Part of Daicel Group)
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  • Chromatography HPLC or GC
    • Particle size (µm)
    • Internal Diameter (mm)
    • Length (mm)
    • Temperature range (°C)
      0 - 40
    • pH Range
      2 - 9
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      CHIRALPAK ® IB N-5