Daicel 87511 CHIRALPAK ® IG-3 Polysaccharide Derivatives Solvent-based Guard HPLC Cartridges, (Pack of 3), 4mm, 10mm, 3µm

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The surface of silica was covalently bound with amylose - tris (3-chloro-5-methylphenylcarbamate)

IG solvent-resistant chiral column with amylose-tris (3-chloro-5-methylphenylcarbamate) covalently bonded to the surface of the silica gel.

Unrestricted use of solvents, a wide range of dissolution conditions, the use of any miscible solvent as a mobile phase, dissolved samples, chiral column regeneration.

Examples of solvents that can be used:

Normal phase: n-Hexane, IPA, EtOH

Special mobile phase: Ethyl acetate, CH 3 Cl, THF, MTBE


Inverted: H 2 O, of IPA, MeOH

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Filler particle size
CHIRALPAK ®  IG-3: 3μm     New
CHIRALPAK ®  IG: 5μm   New
CHIRALPAK ®  IG-U: Sub-2 μm   New
To extend the life of the chiral column, CHIRALPAK ®  IG-3 / CHIRALPAK ®  IG recommends maintaining the pressure below 30 MPa.
CHIRALPAK ®  IG-U recommends keeping the pressure below 70Mpa.
pH value
pH 2.0 ~ 9.0
0 ~ 40 ℃
Save the solvent
CHIRALPAK ®  IG-3: n-Hexane / 2-Propanol = 90/10 (v / v)
CHIRALPAK ®  IG: n-Hexane / Ethanol = 90/10 (v / v)
CHIRALPAK ®  IG-U: n-Hexane / 2-Propanol solvent mixture = 90/10 (v / v)

Column Storage

For column storage, remove the acidic or basic additives by flushing the column with the same mobile phase without the additive. Columns can be stored with the additive-free mobile phases. 

Operating these columns in accordance with the guidelines outlined here will result in a long column life.

Mobile phase

i CHIRAL serise series can use various types of solvents as the mobile phase or dissolve the sample solvent (note the mutual solubility between solvents), for example as follows:


  Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)

  Isopropanol (IPA)

  ● Chloroform (Trichloromethane)

  ● Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE)

  ● Methyl cyanide

  ● Dichloromethane

  ● Methylbenzene

  Tetrahydrofuran (THF)


  ● Acetic ether

  Water (H 2 O)

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