Daicel 38791 CHIRALPAK® RSA Rat Serum Albumin Protein Based Guard Cartridge (Pack of 2) , 2mm, 10mm, 5µm

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We recommend the use of a guard cartridge, in order to protect the analytical column from impurities with high affinity and particulate impurities. The guard cartridge should be replaced regularly; otherwise the column performance can be affected. This is of special importance in bioanalysis.

Operating Conditions

  • The column is filled with 10% 2-PrOH in water. 
  • Start at a low flow rate (column flushing-1) and maintain this flow for 2 min. 
  • Increase the flow rate (column flushing-2) and continue the washing for 10min. 
  • Equilibrate the column with the mobile phase to be used. 
  • Recommended flow rate is 0.25mL/min with a 2.0mm I.D. column; 0.5mL/min with a 3.0mm I.D. column; 0.9mL/min with a 4.0mm I.D. column

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The column should be used at room temperature or below

Mobile Phase Compositio

  • Buffer: Phosphate or acetate buffers should be used (0.01 to 0.1M) 
  • pH: The column can be used in the pH-range 5 to 7. 
  • Organic modifier: 2-Propanol and Acetonitrile are the most commonly used (less than 10%)


The recommended sample concentration is less than 0.1mg/mL with an injection volume of 5-20µL. If possible, dissolve the sample in the mobile phase. If the sample is insoluble in the mobile phase, add a higher concentration of the organic modifier. However, be aware of that too high organic modifier concentration might precipitate the buffer salts. Avoid dissolving the sample in pure organic solvent. 

Do not inject unclear sample solutions or samples containing undissolved compounds

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      The column should be used at room temperature or below.
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