Ultron Shinwa Chemicals HPLC Columns

High performance liquid chromatography is an essential method in the field of analytical separation.
In order to perform high quality analyses, new analytical methods and devices including detectors have been investigated through the efforts of many chromatographers. These efforts have resulted in the achievement of high performance analyses.

SHINWA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES provides customers with columns with excellent separation performance and reproducibility anytime and anywhere. ULTRON columns are manufactured using stringent quality control throughout the production process.

We have a wide range of columns designed to satisfy your analytical requirements.1) The ULTRON ES series consists of columns for enantiomer separations in fields including medicine, etc.
2) The ULTRON VX series consists of columns based on silica materials for reversed and normal-phase chromatography.
3) The ULTRON PS series consists of polymer based columns for analyses of food products, etc.