Sartorius Minisart® Syringe Filters

Minisart® syringe filters with glass fibre (GF) prefilter are optimized for particle-laden liquids. The GF prefilter protects the membrane filter from early clogging and increases total throughput. Minisart® with GF prefilter are available in two different setups. One with MBS (Methacrylate butadiene styrene) housing is designed for aqueous and oily solutions. The second version with PP (polypropylene) housing has a broad chemical compatibility with harsh solvents and is the perfect choice for ultrapure sample preparation. 

For clarification and sterilisation of liquids, filtration is the optimal method. It removes microorganisms and particles reliably, without any effects on the ingredients, due to adsorption or decomposition. For optimal results Minisart® filters made of MBS housing provide a choice of membranes with pore sizes ranging from 0.1 µm to 5 µm for high flow rates and lowest adsorption characteristics. The effective filtration area of 6.2 cm² for fastest filtration is the biggest amongst premium syringe filters and the MBS housing is color-coded for easy pore size identification. The housing is made of the acrylic resin MBS (Methacrylate butadiene styrene) which has a limited compatibility with alcohols but is free of phthalates and passes the plastic class VI test. It is suitable for glueing and assembly to tubing.

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