Nomura Chemical Develosil HSR C18 Peptide HPLC Columns

The Develosil HSR C18 Peptide was specifically designed for your analysis of amino acids, peptides, and nucleic acids. This column adopts the HSR series’s refined silica gel base material and is Develosil’s first column where functional group density is controlled. The Develosil HSR C18’s newly constructed bonding technology greatly contributes to durability and smoother method development. 

Develosil HSR C18 Peptide Specifications

LigandCarbonEnd CappingSurface AreaPore DiameterpH rangeTemperature RangeParticle Size
Silica (ODS)
17%Yes300 m²/g14 nmpH 1-105°-80°C2.5 µm , 3 µm, 5 µm

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