Nomura Chemical Develosil 100 Diol and 300 Diol HPLC Columns

The Develosil 100 Diol and 300 Diol was designed for gel filtration using Develosil’s high quality Si gel. This column is used worldwide in food research specifically with proanthocyanidins.

Other typical uses for this column is size exclusion chromatography of large water-soluble compounds such as proteins and enzymes.

For low molecular compounds, we recommend the 100 Diol; and for large macromolecular compounds, we recommend the 300 Diol.

Develosil Diol Series Specifications

Column NameLigandCarbonEnd CappingSurface AreaPore DiameterPore VolumeRange of pH
100 DiolGlycero propyl
12%No350 m²/g120 Å1.05 ml/gpH 2-7.5
300 Diol9%180 m²/g250 Å

Size Exclusion Limit for Develosil Diol Series

Column NameProteinic Exclusion Limit Molecualr WeightPolyethylene Glycol Exclusion Limit Molecular Weight
100 Diol100,00010,000
300 Diol1,000,000100,000