ETP Electron Multpliers

ETP Electron Multpliers
Today Mass Spectrometry  platform developers  are looking for ion detection technology that helps enable the adoption of these tools into new markets . ETP’s range of OEM ion detection products make a clear difference  with benefits that include:

Longer Detector Lifetime
By improving electron-optical efficiency, ETP have developed a NEW range of detectors with  vastly superior detector life. ETP’s detectors can last up to ten times longer than current detectors.

Gain stability                  
Extended detector lifetime enables more stable gain operation. Less frequent instrument calibration enables the end user to focus on running samples and not the operation of the mass spectrometer.

Improved Dynamic Range      
ETP’s ion detection systems are known to have the highest linear dynamic range available. Discrete dynode technology can be adapted to enable wider dynamic range making it the superior choice compared to single piece glass  channeltron devices.

To meet the demands of  mass spectrometry miniaturisation, ETP have combined new technologies to develop a range of mini and micro ion detection systems for quadrupole and TOF instruments.

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