Daicel Polysaccharide Derivatives Solvent-Based SFC Chiral Columns

The separation time is shortened
The viscosity of the supercritical fluid is low, the diffusivity is good, and the separation of the chiral column can also achieve a good separation effect under the condition of high flow velocity.


Supercritical fluid


Viscosity 【Pa · s】



Diffusion coefficient 【m2 / s】

10 -7 ~ 10-8


Facilitate the separation of acidic compounds
As the mobile phase CO2, so the separation of acidic compounds, without additives can achieve good separation.

Rapid sample recovery
After the separation is complete recovery of atmospheric pressure in the mobile phase of CO2 direct gasification, greatly reducing the post-processing time, but also reduces the heat load during the steaming.

Decrease in the amount of organic solvent
As the main component of the mobile phase of CO2, can greatly reduce the amount of organic solvents, and CO2 can be recycled and reused.

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