Daicel CHIRALPAK ® ID-3 / CHIRALPAK ® ID / CHIRALPAK ® ID-U Chiral Columns

Covalently bonded to the surface of silica gel with amylose-tris(3-chlorophenylcarbamate)

ID solvent-resistant chiral column, the surface of the silica gel is covalently bonded with amylose-tris(3-chlorophenylcarbamate).

Solvent use is unlimited, extensive dissolution conditions, any miscible solvent can be used as mobile phase, dissolved sample, chiral column regeneration.

Solvents that can be used are, for example:

Normal phase: n-Hexane, IPA, EtOH

Special mobile phase: Ethyl acetate, CH 3 Cl, THF, MTBE

Reversed phase: H 2 O, IPA, MeOH

Products: 120 of 46
Products: 120 of 46