Daicel 17822 CHIRALCEL OJ-3R Coated Polysaccharide Derivative Analytical HPLC Chiral Column, 50mm, 4.6mm, 3µm

The surface of the silica gel is coated with cellulose-tris(4-methylbenzoate)

USP L80 specified packing

CHIRALCEL ® OJ-3R / CHIRALCEL ® OJ-RH is a reverse-phase coated chiral column for polysaccharide derivatives. The surface of the silica gel is coated with cellulose-tris(4-methylbenzoate) for reversed-phase flow. Used in phase.

Inverted series chiral column for CHIRALCEL ® OJ-3 / CHIRALCEL ® OJ-H.

Suitable for the analysis of water-soluble samples, or samples with specific requirements for pH.

Suitable for LC/MS.

Provide regular analytical columns of different specifications, micro-diameter columns with an inner diameter of 2.1mm, and semi-preparative columns and preparation columns with different inner diameters. You can select the appropriate specifications according to the experimental needs.

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Filler particle size




In order to extend the service life of the chiral column, it is recommended to keep the pressure below 30MPa.

pH value pH 2.0~9.0 (to avoid using extreme pH values to prevent damage to the stationary phase of the silica matrix)

if used in an environment with pH=7.0 or above, it is recommended to keep below 25°C.

Storage solvent

2 O/Acetonitrile = 80/20 (v/v)

Column Care

  • The use of a guard column is highly recommended for maximum column life. 
  • Samples should be dissolved in the mobile phase and should be filtered through a membrane filter of approximately 0.5µm porosity.  For alkane containing mobile phases, flush the column with Storage Solvent (Hexane / 2-propanol 9:1) when stored for more than one week. 
  • For columns dedicated to polar solvents, flush the column with the regular mobile phase without the additive. 
  • When washing is required, flush pure Ethanol for 3 hours. (Columns used with alkane/alcohol mobile phase only). 
  • Before flushing with 100% Ethanol use 100% 2-propanol as a transition mobile phase. 

Important Notice

  • STRONGLY BASIC solvent modifiers or sample solutions MUST BE AVOIDED, because they are likely to damage the silica gel used in this column. 
  • Operating this column in accordance with the guidelines outlined here will result in a long column life 
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  • Manufacturer
    Daicel Corporation
  • Chromatography HPLC or GC
    • Particle size (µm)
    • Internal Diameter (mm)
    • Length (mm)
    • Temperature range (°C)
      5 ~ 40 ℃
    • pH Range
      2 - 9
    • Packing Phase