Certoclav Multicontrol 2 Programmable Portable Vertical Stainless Steel Programmable Autoclave , PT100 Sensor Controlled

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The programmable all-rounder made of stainless steel

The CertoClav MultiControl 2 is a PT100 sensor-controlled laboratory autoclave. It is operated via a MC2 controller. Via this control unit, the autoclave programming can be customized to fit your requirements. The possible settings range from 1 minute to 30 days and from room temperature to 140 °C. This simplifies and accelerates the work processes in the laboratory and, at the same time, offers a versatile range of applications. It is equipped with a USB and a printer port (RS232) for the transfer or printout of sterilization protocols. The automated process control saves valuable employee time and the automated error detection validates the sterilization result.

A software for the recording of process data via USB is included as a basic license. Without connecting a PC, the controller can only be used to set programs that only include one time and temperature step. For programs that include several time and temperature steps, the PC software Professional Version is required.

Ideal for extended/ long- term cycles and material tests like GSB AL 631, HAST Test, Pressure Cooker Test und IPC-TM 650, as well as for culture media preparation, sterilization of waste, sterilization of biological hazardous substances (S2), unpackaged solids without hollow bodies, liquids, bottles, instruments, synthetic materials, and rubber.


Important Features

  • microprocessor-controlled 
  • automatic venting 
  • electronic process control 
  • PT100 temperature sensor 
  • Time and temperature can be selected individually 
  • Controller with LCD display 
  • Venting by fractional flow procedure 
  • RS232 & USB port 
  • Heating integrated in the base

Technical Data: 

Operating Temperature

20 °C up to 140 °C, free programmable

Air Evacuation Fractional Flow Procedure
Chamber Volume 18 Litres
Chamber Depth 35 cm
Chamber Diameter 26 cm
Chamber Material 316L Stainless Steel
Maximum Operating Pressure 2.7 bar
Mains Connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Heating Capacity 1300 W
Net Weight 10.5 Kg
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 445 x 300 x 535


Why CertoClav MultiControl sterilizer?

Flexible: Use in sterilisation, materials testing and research. Fractioned ventilation. Long-term cycles are easy to implement. Standard tests such as ICP-TM 650, GB-AL 631, HAST Test and Pressure Vessel Test can be carried out

Practical: automatic process control and monitoring saves valuable employee time

Safe: independent error detection and data connection guarantee the sterilisation result.

Reliable: control system and device in industrial quality


Safety systems

Tried-and-tested technology: 50 years of experience in autoclave construction

Multiple systems: The 4-stage CertoSecure safety system consists of an excess pressure valve, pressure valve, safety cover locking device against opening underpressure and overpressure safety recess.

Safe operation: the CertoLock lock closes safely with just one easy step. No need for time-consuming screwing as with other makes.

Technical capability

Power output: freely selectable temperature from room temperature up to 140° C (up to 2.7 bar / 39.2 psi overpressure).

Venting: Venting using fractioned flow process. Steam saturation: non-condensable gases  3% (as required by EN 13060)

Autoclave items: solid instruments, liquids (culture media), bottles and devices, waste sterilisation. Any durable material for material tests and research. Acids can be autoclaved but do, however, lead to corrosion in the autoclave in the medium-term.

Size, loading: optimal usage of chamber volume thanks to loading from above. Even long instruments up to 42 cm (18 L version) can be processed


Type and fittings

Controller: electronic comfort and safety controls for temperature and time. Nine programmes, two fixed/seven free, from 1 second up to endless loop. Automatic process sequence and independent fault recognition. Progress display

Instruments: precision manometer with drag pointer,  electronic temperature display. LCD display for process progress and process parameters. Data interface.

Connections: No additional water connection required. Electrics: 220V, 50-60Hz, 1900 W. Data interface RS 232 and 10mV

Standards: complies with international standards. GS mark in accordance with DIN and VDE/IEC (EN61010:1:2001 and 61010:2:040:2005). CE-conform.

Heater: integrated in base. Heating elements are not in contact with water, therefore extended service life.



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  • Manufacturer
    CertoClav Sterilizer GmbH
  • Country of Origin
  • Chamber Volume (L)
  • Chamber Material
    Stainless Steel 316L
  • Maximum Sterilisation Temperature
    20 °C to 140 °C, Adjustable

Microbiology/Bio Chemistry

  • Autoclave culture mediums
  • Refuse sterilisation
  • Efficiently processes small amounts – just in time

Food Industry

  • The complete autoclave solution for laboratories in the food processing industry
  • Sterilisation of utensils and refuse
  • Culture medium preparation

Material Testing

  • Testing for vapour resistance and material quality 
  • Long running cycles, ICP-TM 650, HAST test, pressure vessel test, hydrolysis, GLB-AL 631 
  • Special fabrications available upon request 
  • CertoClav MultiControl with a freely programmable electronic control

Schools and Universities

  • Robust autoclave, ideal for daily training operation


  • Sterilisation of instruments and packaging (i.e. eyedrop bottles and liquids)