Bigneat CS 822 Ventilated/Carbon Filtered Shelf Stores , 48 Litre Bottle Capacity, 830 x 410 x 720 mm Dimensions

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  • Quiet operation <50dBA
  • Spill mats supplied

Included filtration

Choose your Chemcap™ carbon filtration to suit the chemicals you will be storing.

Construction and Materials

The mild steel structural panels, the fan housing and internal shelves are epoxy coated, acid resistant paint, colour - white. 10mm thick transparent doors (as applicable) are manufactured from clear cast acrylic which is non-flammable and easy to clean.

Price Upon Application Or Discontinued

Protect your laboratory staff and improve the laboratory environment.

Evaporation from drips and open containers contributes considerably to poor quality air within the laboratory. The Bigneat range of ventilated chemical storage shelving systems remove vapours, purify the laboratory air and enhance the long-term health of laboratory personnel.

CS 812 and CS 822 are open style shelves designed to be situated close to where you are work – your chemicals will be within reach and convenient.

SAFETY FIRST: Chemcap filtration systems offer protection to laboratory staff from hazardous fumes, aerosols, vapours or gases. Chemicals are retained in the carbon filter and clean air is returned back to the laboratory.

A continually operating Chemcap filter system, such as one within a storage system, will remove odours and purify air within the laboratory. It freshens up the environment, making it a safer, more pleasant place to work and improves the
wellbeing of laboratory personnel.

CONVENIENT: An important feature of a Chemcap storage system is its portability; moved it easily to wherever laboratory procedures are to be undertaken.

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