Bigneat Cleantec® LEV Dust and Fume Extraction - Flexible or jointed-arm local extraction. The effective way to eliminate airborne hazards.

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Key features

  • Reliable push button operation
  • Powerful extraction
  • Manual fan speed control

General features

  • Easily changed pre-filters give extended HEPA filter life.
  • Portable and adaptable to your changing process requirements.
  • Standard electrical socket connection for fan filter module supply.
  • 230v Single Phase 50Hz standard — 115v 50/60Hz systems available on request.

Typical extraction applications

  • Dental laboratories, hospitals (adhesives, zirconia powders..)
  • Electronics (solder fume, solvents..)
  • Laser processing (plume, particles..)
  • Mechanical engineering (solvents, particles, fume..)
  • In the laboratory (powder removal, fume control, general room purification ..)
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Flexible or jointed-arm local extraction. The effective way to eliminate airborne hazards.

Cleantec LEV is designed to solve your fume, dust and odour problems at the press of a button. Efficient filtration within a powerful extraction system removes hazardous material from your process direct from where the extraction is required.

Cleantec LEV is adaptable and may be used as a free standing system, on a mobile or static workbench, with a single flexible or jointed arm, installed under-bench with multiple arms or connected direct into process equipment.

Cleantec LEV has a manual fan speed control and is therefore ideal for either light duties in laboratory, in education, or for heavier duties requiring the full power of the fan.

Select the appropriate HEPA, carbon or combination filter for your applications – choose a kit that best suits your requirements comprising 32mm diameter flexible arms or 50mm diameter jointed arms complete with a nozzle or hood to match your particular requirements.

Need to extract direct from your process? Connect a Cleantec unit to your process equipment or custom enclosure with a 50mm or 80mm diameter flexible hose kits.

Cleantec component collage

Cleantec components

Kit range:

Bigneat offers a selection of kits to suit the majority of applications and most users extraction needs. Consider the arm size and type and whether you require a single or twin arrangement.

Do you need extraction at more than two workstations? Do you require a wall or ceiling mounted system? Long reach arms? Whatever your specific needs Cleantec LEV with its powerful fan can satisfy most applications.

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