Micro and Ultra Micro Balances

Micro and Ultra Micro Balances

A micro balance or ultra-microbalance can deliver the highest precision of all lab balances. This high sensitivity in micro balance design allows for the weighing of sample quantities with weight as low as 30 μg.  

Microbalances offer a capacity of up to 10.1 g with readability down to 1 µg (0.000001g).
Ultra microbalances offer an incredible full resolution of 61 million digits, with a capacity of 6.1 g and 0.1 µg readability (0.0000001g).

Ordinary name

Accuracy class


Number of digits after decimal position (g)

Ultra microbalance


0.1 μg

0.0000001 g

7 digits or decimal places



0.001mg/1 μg

0.000001 g

6 digits or decimal places

Semi microbalance


0.01 mg

0.00001 g

5 digits or decimal places