Atago 3596 PAN-1 Digital Immersion Type Refractometer, 20cm Length, Brix : 0.0 to 42.0% Measurement Range

Simply clip onto the edge of a tank! Never Miss a Change with Real-time Readings

No special equipment is necessary for the installation. Simply mount the unit on the side of a pot or tank. Continuous, real-time readings are ideal for all types of liquid, from cleaning and metal-working fluids to food and beverage. Readings are automatically updated every 30 seconds, switching between Brix and temperature each time.

Model PAN-1
Cat.No. 3596
Scale Brix
Measurement Range Brix : 0.0 to 42.0%
Temperature : 10.0 to 99.9°C
Resolution Brix : 0.1%
Temperature : 0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy Brix : ±0.2%
Temperature : ±0.5°C
Temperature compensation range 10.0 to 95.0°C
Ambient Temperature 10 to 45°C
Power Supply Size D alkaline battery × 1
Compatible with LSD NiMH.
International Protection Class Immersed part IP67
Display IP65
Included Accessories Size D battery
Dimensions & Weight 80(W)×300(L)×72(H)mm 630g (main unit only)
  • £1350.00

Typical Applications

  • Soft drinks
  • Wine
  • Fruit juice
  • Dairy products
  • Sauces
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Sewage
  • Liquid medicines
  • Polymers

Measurement Method

  1. Submerge the prism in the liquid
  2. Press the START key
  3. Measurements are taken every 30 seconds.

Displayed Value

This instrument measures the refractive index of a
liquid and displays the converted value in "Brix," which  is a percentage measurement of sugar in water. The  concentration of a substance other than sugar can be  calculated by creating a conversion table of the  desired concentration % and corresponding Brix %.

Model Output
Length Feature
PAN-1DC 20cm Ideal for all types of liquid from cleaning and metal-working fluids to food and beverage. Simply mount on the pot or tank for automatically measurement every 35 seconds.
PAN-1DC(M) 30cm
PAN-1DC(L) 50cm
Flexible length
Flexible length
PAN-1 20cm
PAN-1(M) 30cm
PAN-1(L) 50cm
Flexible length
Flexible length
    • SKU
  • Range
    Brix : 0.0 to 42.0%
  • Accuracy
  • Type of Communication
    On Display Only
  • Installation Type
    Mount the unit on the side of a pot or tank
  • Use
  • International Protection Class
    Immersed Part IP67/Display IP65
  • Manufacturer
    Atago Co Ltd

Icons, for functions, specifications and scales have been added to this catalogue

Can be connected to a recorder Measurement at a set temperature
Can be connected to a printer Automatic Temperature Compensation
Alarm output for high- and low-limit values Can be connected to a circulating
RS232C Interface Continuous measurement
In-line measurement High temperature samples
User scales can be inputted External Light Interference


Specification Scale
Calibration with water Clinical refractometers
Calibration with exclusive standard liquid Refractive index scale
Compact and easy to carry Salt concentration scale
Digital display Seawater scale
AC outlet (AC100 to 240V) Wine scale
Battery operated

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