AND Instruments RV-10000A, 0.3 — 25000 mPa·s, mPa·s, Pa·s, cP, P, Tuning Fork Vibro Rheometer

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Are you struggling with an expensive rheometer that only produces unstable results when testing low viscosity (e.g. below 100 mPa•s) samples? Drawing on A&D’s proven sensor technology for high- resolution analytical balances, the RV-10000A Tuning Fork Vibro Rheometer is a breakthrough alternative to conventional methods in the research of non-Newtonian fluid properties, especially for ease and precision in low viscosity measurements.

RV-100000.3 — 25000 mPa·smPa·s, Pa·s, cP, P
RV-10000A0.3 — 25000 mPa·smPa·s, Pa·s, cP, P

Two thin sensor plates arranged like a tuning fork, and electromagnetically driven, vibrate at a frequency of 30Hz in the sample liquid.

Viscosity is then calculated based on the proportional relationship between the viscous resistance of the sample fluid and the amount of electric current required to drive and maintain the sensor plates at constant vibration amplitude.

The sensor plate amplitude of the RV-10000/A can be altered between the minimum of 0.07 mm and the maximum of 1.2 mm (peak to peak), while the frequency is kept at 30Hz, which will cause a variation in shear rate.

This allows the user to easily quantify the viscous behaviours of non-Newtonian fluids in response to different shear rates.

A temperature sensor (0 to 160 ° C) located between the sensor panels enables to capture the measuring temperature at the same place during the measurement.

In addition, the sample may be placed in the supplied water jacket with a commercially available temperature control tank, to control the temperature (between 0 and 100 °C) of the sample fluid in order to measure the viscosity at a constant temperature or to see how the viscosity varies with changing temperature.

WinCT – Viscosity (supplied) is software for automatic transfer of the measurement data (temperature and viscosity) to allow further processing. The measurement results can be graphically displayed in real time or can be stored as a “CSV file” for future analysis.

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  • Wide measurement range from 0.3 mPa.s – 25,000 mPa.s
  • Simultaneous measurement of temperature and viscosity
  • High accuracy of 1% of the measurement value
  • Quick measurement in only 20 seconds
  • Low thermal capacity of the sensor plates
  • Adjustable vibration amplitude to allow changing the shear rate
  • Measurement of liquids in motion
  • Easy calibration by the user
  • The sensor plates are easy to clean
  • LCD Display with 7-inch, colour touch-panel (RV-A)
  • Can automatically change the amplitude of the sensor plates, and take data as programmed by the user (RV-A)
  • Displays graphs of measurement data in real time
  • Changes in the viscosity are shown as a function of temperature, time, and/or shear rate*
  • The measurement data can be exported in CSV format or as graph screens as JPEG images on a USB flash drive

The shear rate shown by the controller is a root-mean-square value and is calculated assuming that the sample is a Newtonian fluid.

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