AND Instruments AD-1672A Tabletop Breeze Break with inclined front beam panel 27" W x 28.5" H x24" D

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pdm_arrows.gif Shields a highly sensitive analytical balance from breezes and minute temperature changes caused by air conditioning or people passing by.
pdm_arrows.gif Consists of antistatic plastic panels to minimize the effect of static electricity on the balance
pdm_arrows.gif Possible to pass RS-232C and AC adapter cables through two guides at the bottom of the back side
pdm_arrows.gif Ready to assemble and easy to move from one location to another

BM-20, AD-1671, AD-1672, and AD-8922A
      With a BM-20 micro-balance and an AD-1671 anti-vibration table

Material------Transparent panel: Antistatic vinyl chloride
Frame: Aluminum
Dimensions------680 (W) × 600 (D) × 720 (H) mm
Weight------Approx. 10 kg
Price Upon Application Or Discontinued

Laboratories are typically kept at a constant temperature by air conditioning. Contrary to what you may believe, a strict temperature control can adversely affect the stability of a micro analytical balance when the air conditioning causes strong air circulation and minute repeated temperature fluctuations around the set temperature.

The AD-1672 / AD-1672A is effective in shielding your balance from such disturbances.

AD-1672: Standard tabletop breeze break

AD-1672A: Tabletop breeze break with inclined front beam panel

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    A&D Instruments Limited
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Accessories required to connect to the AD-8526
Weighing instrumentInterface option for the instrumentCommunication cable (2 m)
AD-4212A, AD-4212B, GR, HR
None (D-sub 25-pin, standard accessory)AX-KO1710-200
EK-i, EW-i, FC-i, FC-Si, HR-iNone (D-sub 9-pin, standard accessory)AX-KO2466-200
EK-G, EK-H, ET-W, EW-GOP-03 (D-sub 25-pin)AX-KO1710-200
HV-G, HV-WP, HW-G, HW-WP, HW-GNone (Din 7-pin, standard accessory)AX-KO1786-200
FG, HC-iOP-03 (Din 7-pin)AX-KO1786-200
FS, FS-KLOP-03 (Din 8-pin)AX-KO1786-200
FG-L, FG-MOP-23 (Din 8-pin)AX-KO1786-200
AD-4322AOP-04 (D-sub 25-pin)AX-KO1710-200
AD-4405None (D-sub 9-pin)AX-KO2466-200
AD-4410None (D-sub 9-pin, standard accessory)AX-KO2466-200
Please use the Ethernet interface option GH-08 for the GH Series, FXi-08 for the FZ-i / FX-i, FZ-iWP / FX-iWP,
and FZ-CT / FX-CT Series, and AD-4212A-08 for the AD-4212A / AD-4212B Series.