Ziegra ZBE 70-35 CoolNat Floor Standing Stainless Steel Laboratory Granular Flake Ice Machine, 70Kg Nominal Production with 35kg Storage Capacity

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Widespread throughout the global food and drink industry, the use of flake ice is a vital element in many processing operations. Ziegra flake ice machines are designed and manufactured to cater for the growing applications for flake ice around the world. Each machine features integrated refrigeration, controls and ice maker. The result is a complete packaged unit that is easy to install, requiring just secure connection to utilities.

The ZBE 70-35 is a compact machine designed for floor mounting. It makes up to 70kg per day and stores 35kg in an integrated ice storage bin and is a complete packaged ice machine including, ice maker, refrigeration and condenser in one unit.

Main Features

  • Ice level control system included as standard
  • Granular flake ice made at optimum temperature of -0.5°C.
  • Two sizes of ice flake available: micro and midi,  to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Hygienic design with a sealed water system 
  • External water filtration system supplied as standard.
  • Designed for continuous operation 24/7
  • Stainless steel construction
  • No moving parts in refrigeration circuit lowers risk of gas leaks
  • Environmentally friendly natural refrigerant


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Compact Flake Ice Machines For Laboratories

A range of high quality ice machines from 30kg to 110kg in capacity with integrated ice storage.A complete packaged ice machine including, ice maker, refrigeration and condenser in one unit

The ZBE 70-35 ice machine will be delivered according to CE standards and ready for connection to water power and drain.


  • 1 x Electrical flex 3.5 metre
  • 1 x Flexible 2 metre water supply hose
  • 1 x flexible 2 metre drain hose
  • 1 x Small ice scoop
  • 1 x Ziegra Single water filtration kit
  • Stainless steel frame and panels
  • 36 month manufacturers warranty
  • 240V-1-50Hz
  • Simple installation, requires only connection to power, water and drain
  • Output guaranteed at 20degC air and 15degC water
  • Includes anti-scale water filtration as standard


ZBE 70-35

70kg / 24 h nominal capacity*

at 20°C air and 15°C water

Dimensions (W x D x H)

460 x 600 x 910 mm




Inside / outside stainless steel 1.4301

Nominal storage capacity**

35kg (67litres)

Insulation, PU foam


Power consumption
Current consumption
Provided by customer
electric supply
fuse, slow blow
cable cross section, Cu


1/N/PE ~ 230V 50Hz

Supply / drain
Provided by customer
pH value


¾” BSP / 14mm

2 - 5 bar
drinking water quality
7.2 – 9.5pH
6 – 14 °dH
100 – 250mg CaCO3/l
5°C - 30°C

Ambient air temperature:

5°C to 42°C

air flow
heat emission

Air cooled
230m3 / hour
0.42 kW

Refrigerant R290:






refrigeration capacity
evaporation temperature
condensation temperature

Fully hermetic
0.32 kW

Noise level:

45dBA (3m)

Shipping dimensions (W x D x H)

0.55 x 0.67 x 1.03m

Shipping weight


*according to site conditions. Air temperature, water temperature, water chemistry, air contamination and installation parameters can all effect ice output.
**theoretical capacity based on volume, in practice this will be less due to pyramiding and voids in the ice.

All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice



C: Ice bin
D: Electrical cable / plug: Standard UK 3 pin
E: Water connection: ¾ BSP
F: Overflow: 14mm
G: Filter: Ziegra Single supplied as standard
H: Stop valve by customer
J: socket with 13amp fuse by customer




    • SKU
      ZBE 70-35 CoolNat
  • Noise level
    45dBA (3m)
  • Storage (Kg)
  • Production Kg/24Hr
  • Type Produced
    Granular flake ice
  • Manufacturer
    Ziegra Eismaschinen GmbH

For installation you will need:

• A potable water supply terminating in a 3/4” bsp fitting within 2 metres of the machine location. A minimum water pressure of 2bar and a maximum of 6bar is required, if less than 2 bar you will need to fi t a booster pump, if more than 6 bar you will need to fit a pressure reducing valve.

• A drain at a suitable height for gravity drain within 1 m of proposed machine location, machines on bins require a floor drain underneath the bin, if no floor level drain is available you will need to order an optional drain pump part # ZUK9700011

• A standard 3 pin 240-1-50Hz electrical socket within 1.5 metres of machine location. If you need to order a drain pump (see above) you will need a double socket.

Configuration Options


Drain pump:

For applications where there is no floor level drain available. Ziegra recommend either a floor level drain or a support frame are used, but if neither of those are possible this is a lower cost option.


Water cooled condenser

where air-cooling is not possible
Consumption cooling water: 50 litre per hour

E: water supply (ice production)
F: water discharge (eg auto water drain)
O: cooling water in
P: cooling water return or drainage, resp.


Mounting Options


Stainless steel support

Stainless steel support  to raise the machine by 40cm, for applications where there is no floor level drain available and the customer does not want to rely on a drain pump.

Also useful if this model is not to be used on a bench to raise it to a more ergonomic height.


Additional Hygiene Options


Hygiene +: Auto water drain

The water tank automatically drains when the machine is switched off, preventing water stagnation during periods of infrequent use.


Hygiene +: Automatic flushing

Auto flushing of system with water, includes auto water drain. Details on request.


Hygiene+: UV sterilization

sterilization of the incoming water supply by mean of UV filter, all incoming water is passed through a powerful UV field on its way into the machine which kill almost all biohazards in the water supply. Slows down proliferation of water-borne bacteria inside the machine during operation.


Sanitiser solution: 5litre tub part # ZUK9700044

Ziegra ice machine sanitiser is an anti-bacterial product designed for both regular preventative use and intensive cleaning operations.


Spare filter cartridge: #ZUK9700040

Standard replacement cartridge for the Ziegra single kit, requires change every 6 months.



Micro Flake Ice 

Type: Flake ice (granular)
Temperature: - 0.5°C
Size:  small flakes

Like all other types of Ziegra flake ice, micro ice consists of irregular pieces of ice. In the case of micro ice, these pieces are  small, which means there is greater surface area contact with a given product and therefore the rate of cooling is increased. Micro ice is also gentle on delicate products.
Typical uses for micro ice are:
  • Dough cooling in bakeries
  • cooling meat during bowl chopping
  •  Immersion cooling processes (cook & chill)
  • Icing delicate products . e.g. herbs and prawns
  • Sample cooling in Laboratories

The small piece size of micro flake ice can be seen in the picture left. The ice held in a hand hopefully provides sufficient perspective, so it can easily be compared with our other ice types. You will find a similar image on the page for each ice type
Micro ice is very searching. When packing a product such as prawns the ice is added to the top, the box is then shaken and the ice finds its way between the product and into every nook and cranny.
Other types of flake ice would just sit on the top, leaving the product below unprotected.

Midi Flake Ice

Type: Flake ice (granular)
Temperature: - 0.5°C
Size: Medium flakes

Like all other types of Ziegra flake ice, midi ice consists of irregular granular pieces of ice. In the case of midi ice, these are wide ranging in size, with a mix of medium sized flakes, interspersed with much smaller pieces, making this ice a good general purpose ice and a good compromise between micro and macro ice sizes.
The size of the flakes can be seen in the picture on the left, where it is held in the hand.You will find images of ice in someones hand on each ice type page, which hopefully provides perspective, so that a direct comparison can be made with our  other ice types
Ice in storage bins can be kept for several days in a room at ambient temperature, but the ice will remains loose and friable
The most common application for midi ice is for the display of fish in retail outlets such as fishmongers, supermarkets and food service stations.
It is also very popular for packing whole fish and fillets in processors.
Where the ice is to be used for other things such as soft drinks, wine presentation etc, nuggett ice is probably a better option

Macro Flake Ice

Type: Flake ice (granular)
Temperature: - 0.5°C
Size:  large flakes

Like all other types of flake ice, macro ice consists of irregular chips or flakes of ice. In the case of macro ice, these flakes are very large and thick, making this the slowest melting of all the flake ice types.
Some typical uses for macro ice are:
  • Packing shellfish and other tough products
  • Long distance transport of perishable goods
  • Bulk packing/cooling of whole salmon/trout
  • Icing hides/skins
  • Packing vegetables

 Large, thick flakes of Ziegra macro ice are  ideal  when the longevity of the ice is one of  the main  concerns.
 It was originally developed for use in the warm    climates where the benefits of flake ice were  needed but with a larger flake for  maximum  storage life at higher ambient  temperatures.
 This has made it a very popular flake type for  applications with similar problems in the UK..
 The ice is shown in someone's hand to give  perspective, when comparing with other Ziegra ice  types.
These images shows how large the flakes are compared to other types. This along with its optimum temperature gives macro ice exceptional storage characteristics. This ice will outlast any other flake type, it will never freeze together and its slightly curved shape means that it does not slide out of the door so readily when the bunker is opened, reducing a potential hazard