WLD-TEC GmbH is the globally known expert company for safety laboratory gas burners and electrical annealing systems.

The Company
WLD-TEC GmbH, an experienced and innovative family company, was founded in 1992 by Andrea and Bernd Wartewig. Andrea Wartewig, who maintains continuous contact with our customers, is responsible for marketing and presentation of the WLD-TEC GmbH products. Bernd Wartewig, who has more than 35 years of experience in the development of medical and laboratory technical products, functions as head of production and development in the company.

Innovative products, multiple solutions
Twenty years of international experience made us a globally recognized provider of spot heating systems for laboratory and industry use. We are offering optimum stationary and mobile gas burners for any standard and specific application, since few years also electrical annealing systems working without open flame.

Highest quality
As a result of using only high-quality and tested individual components, highest quality and a long service life is ensured for the product series. Our products  are very robust and long lasting in any laboratory or industry environment, designed in stainless steel housings with a maximum of safety features and comprehensive optional accessories. With its innovative Gasprofi-, Flame 100- and Fuego series WLD-TEC GmbH has created one of the most successful laboratory burner series in the world. For modern and energy-efficient annealing and sterilization without gas flame, the new SteriMax smart and SteriMax basic series leaves nothing to be desired.