Waysafe BH550A Dual Purpose Extraction Hood Enclosure, 67 x 69 x 30 mm - Suitable for Analytical Balances 230VAC 50/60Hz

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  • Our standard offering, 230VAC 50/60Hz includes 2M long 'kettle' lead with up std 3 pin plug.

The Waysafe BH550 puts the mask on the balance not on the operator. 

  • Ductless – air is filtered and clean air circulated back into the workplace
  • Waysafe 200 series E10 EPA filtration as standard
  • Upgrade to H13 HEPA filter (99.95% efficient) available
  • All filters tested and certified to EN1822
  • Easy benchtop installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Low (20m3/h) air flow, can be user configured
  • Fast global delivery
  • Protects operators
  • Perfect for media weighing applications
  • Removable front panel for easy access
  • Made to order at our factory in the UK



The BH550 (previously WS110) is a dual purpose extraction hood that protects personnel from nuisance media powders and also protects the balance from air turbulence.

The standalone unit is designed to easily fit onto most benchtops and is ideally suited for those in-between applications which are too small to necessitate a fume cupboard but benefit from improved containment.  It has very low air flow (20m3/h) and can be user configured.

The unit comes flat packed and is very easy to assemble.

The Analytical front panel has a clear acrylic lift off front panel with arm access holes at the bottom. Usually chosen for use with analytical balances.

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 67 x 69 x 30 mm
Electrical 230VAC 35w, meets LVD and is CE Marked (120VAC available)
Air Speed Non-turbulent constant flow set at 20m3/h, but can be user configured to suit requirements
External Dimensions Height 500mm, depth 651mm, width 550mm
Filter Waysafe ‘200 series’ filter housing
Base Tray White vacuum formed base tray


Material Specifications

Product Description

Base High Impact Polystyrene
Glazing Cast Acrylic Glazing
Backpanel 10mm Food Grade PVC
Filter Frame Power Coated Aluminium Frame
Ancillaries Durable Polycarbonate Hinges
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