Hanna Instruments HI-93703-0 AMCO-AEPA-1 Calibration Solution at 0 FTU

AMCO-EPA solution @ 0 FTU (30 mL).

The HI-93703-0 Turbidity Calibration Standards provide a simple solution to calibrating and validating turbidity meters that have a 0 to 1000 FNU range. HANNA turbidity calibration standards are prepared from NIST traceable primary standard reference materials and come supplied with a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis provides the lot number, reference values, and expiry date for traceability when certifying the appropriate turbidity meter. Suitable for Aquaculture & Aquariums, Education, Environmental, Laboratory, Water Conditioning, Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment industries.


AMCO-AEPA-1 Calibration Solution at 0 FTU
30 mL
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The HI-93703-0 turbidity calibration solution is produced according to the AMCO AEPA-1 standards at 0 FTU.

The Hanna turbidity standards are preferred to the formazine based standards, as they are non-toxic, stable, reusable and long-lasting.

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