Techne FHB1DE Hybrigene HB-1D Hybridisation Incubator, 24 mini tubes, 10°C above ambient to 100°C , (no tubes supplied), 230V

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Technical Specification


SpecificationHB-3D HybrigeneHB-1D Hybridiser
Maximum glass tube capacity16 mini tubes24 mini tubes
Maximum temperature80°C100°C
Minimum temperature10°C above ambient10°C above ambient
Adjustable rotation speed0, 5 to 20 rpm0, 5 to 20 rpm
Adjustable rocking platform5-20 or 15-60 opm5-20 or 15-60 opm
Stability in chamber1.0°C1.0°C
Stability in tubes±0.1°C±0.1°C
Uniformity in chamber±1.5°C±1.5°C
Uniformity in tube±0.5°C±1.0°C
Temperature set point resolution0.1°C0.1°C
Absolute accuracy±0.3°C±0.3°C
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)355 x 383 x 432285 x 385 x 555
Voltage230V, 50-60Hz230V, 50-60Hz
Shipping Weight21kg24kg
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The flexibility you need with the quality you expect from an established world leader in temperature control instrumentation. Ideal for blotting techniques in which RNA and DNA or protein are immobolised onto nitrocellulose membranes.

HB-1D Hybridiser

• Compact, easy to use and provides complete protection from hybridisation hazards
• A temperature range of 10°C above ambient to 100°C
• High capacity which can hold up to 24 mini tubes or 6 unique large tubes
• Hybridisations can be performed with a minimal volume of 5ml of probe
• Adjustable feet to enable accurate leveling
• Unique double-glazed glass door; quiet and safe, providing durable protection

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    Techne (part of Cole-Parmer)

Tube holders

Tube holders with clips, available to carry 16 x 15ml or 8 x 50ml tubes. Ideal for higher throughput of smaller samples.

Selectable speed rocking platform

It sits neatly in the base of the unit while still allowing a number of hybridisation tubes to be placed above. Made from stainless steel, the rocking platform enables membranes to be processed using a wave motion. Speed range of 0 to 60 oscillations per minute.

Static shelf

Up to 2 (Hybrigene HB-3D) or 3 (Hybridiser HB-1D) static stainless steel mesh shelves can be placed into the tube locators allowing the unit to be used as a simple non-motion incubator. Each shelf can hold up to 4kg.

Membrane separators

Strong, re-usable porous mesh sheets for placing between membranes to ensure even hybridisation when processing multiple hybridisation membranes in one tube. Available in packs of 5 (20 x 20cm).

Hybridisation tube rack

Useful storage facility for tubes during membrane loading or when not in use. Carries up to 3 large and 3 small tubes.

Ordering Information

DescriptionHB-3D HybrigeneHB-1D Hybridiser
Tube carrier with clips to hold 16 x 15ml tubesF15ML4THF15ML1TH
Tube carrier with clips to hold 8 x 50ml tubesF50ML4THF50ML1TH
*Tube carrier with clips to hold 4 x mini 32mm tubesFHB61FHB43
Rocking platform 0-60opmFHB4PLATFHB1PLAT
Stainless steel mesh shelfFHB4SH1FHBSH1

*FHB41 glass tubes require this mini tube carrier.

DescriptionProduct Code
Membrane separators 20 x 20cm (pack of 5)FMEM2020
HTH-1 tube rack holderFHTRACK
Hybrigene incubator wall fixing kitFHB4WALL
Complete kit for stacking 3 Hybrigene unitsFHB4DKIT
Hybrigene incubator stacking kit (secures two units)FHB4DSTK

Versatile multiple tube formats; mix and match sizes within an instrument to cater for different throughputs, users and applications. Glass hybridisation tubes reduce volumes, simplify washing and improve signals!

• Tubes and other accessories can be accommodated at the same time for multiple uses
• Low probe volume, even with large glass tubes. Rotation and design ensure volumes as low as 5ml can be used and recovered
• Unique slot-in tubes; with tube rotation speed of 0 to 20 rpm; controllable to suit your application
• Radioactive safe; protective casing and non-drip tube design minimises risk to the user
• 3 sizes available: small, mini and unique large tubes
• Durable: thick borosilicate glass
• Easy pour: non drip, safe and convenient
• Sealing ring: O ring-sealed end caps ensure no leakage!
• Escape thread on screw cap: easy opening with no vacuum problems
• Tube assemblies: adaptors to hold multiple small glass tubes for increased capacity

Ordering Information

DescriptionSuitable for HB-1D (Hybridiser)Suitable for HB-3D (Hybrigene)
Large (80mm) glass tube with end capsFHB12FHB16
Small (44mm) glass tube with screw capsFHB32FHB36
*Mini (32mm) glass tubes with screw caps (pack of 4)FHB41FHB41
Mini tube holderFHB43FHB61

*Requires mini tube holder.