Techne FBLOCKICE Cooling Block 0 to 40°C, Requires 2 Block lnserts for Sample Cooling

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Technical Specification


Temperature range0°C to 40°C *
Temperature accuracy±1°C
Temperature units°C or °F
Maximum variation between identical blocks at °C±0.2°C
Temperature display resolution0.1°C
Cooling technologyPeltier
Cool down time to 4°C30 minutes
Temperature displayOrange LED, 5 digits
Power supply100 to 230V, 5060Hz
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)190 x 240 x 225
Shipping Weight**3.0kg
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The new N°ICE and BL°CKICE cooling products are ideal for incubating samples at temperatures below ambient. With the ability to cool to 0°C Techne sample coolers are often used as convenient electronic ice buckets.

BL°CKICE cooling Dri-Block is ideal for chilling samples at sub-ambient temperatures. Holding two standard aluminium blocks from the Dri-Block® range the BL°CKICE offers fast cool down times to ensure the unit is quickly available for use. The integrated timer allows up to 9 days to be programmed, which is more than enough for laboratory applications and the timer will not start until a stable temperature has been reached. The unit features our Isotemp® temperature control zone that ensures that all contents of the unit are kept at an even temperature, whether cold or warm. This range is the latest in lab cooling technology.

• Maximum temperature range 0°C to 40°C *
• Count up and count down timer
• Temperature displayed in °C or °F
• Buzzer indicates reaching the set temperature and the end of the elapsed time
• Holds 2 aluminium insert blocks

* Please note the primary design of BL°CKICE is to maintain biological samples safely between 4 and 37°C. BL°CKICE will achieve any temperature between 4 and 37°C within 30 minutes in an ambient temperature of 20°C. BL°CKICE will also reach 0°C or 40°C, but this may take several hours. Reaching 0°C can be speeded up by pre-cooling the aluminium blocks before use.

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