Stuart Scientific SMP11 Analogue Melting Point Apparatus, complete with thermometer and pack of 100 melting point tubes (open both ends)

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No. of samplesUp to 3
Temperature range50 to 250°C
Heating rate1 to 10 °Cmin
Dimensions (w x d x h)370 x 140 x 110 mm
Net weight1.7kg
Electrical supply230V, 50Hz, 50W
  • £575.31
  • Easy to operate - ideal for educational use
  • Supplied with safe spirit-filled thermometer
  • Economical price

With new safety features and ease to use, the SMP11 is ideal for use in education.

Supplied with a safe, spirit-filled mercury-free thermometer, the low toxic blue spirit will not pose a health hazard in the event of a breakage. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed directly onto the apparatus and are available in most European languages.

With a manually adjustable heating rate, the SMP11 will rapidly heat samples to 20°C per minute to the melt temperature and up to the maximum temperature of 250°C. Accurate readings to within 1°C of the melt temperature can be achieved by using a slower heating rate of between 1 and 10°C per minute.

Up to three samples can be viewed and tested at any one time. Samples are illuminated by a bright white LED and viewed via a magnifying lens. The magnifying lens can be detached for cleaning using the simple to follow instructions printed on to the instrument.

Melting point tubes

Made from soda glass, these tubes are easy to seal in a Bunsen flame and break into two. Supplied in robust tube holder, pack of 100 tubes. Tube overall length is 100mm Tube diameter = 1.9mm, inner diameter = 1.3mm and wall thickness = 0.3mm.
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    Stuart Equipment (part of Cole-Parmer)
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SMP11/ 1Spare thermometer, spirit filled, 50°C to 250°C
SMP1/ 2Cooling plug (brass) for rapidly reducing heating block temperature after use
SMP1/ 4Glass melting point tubes, open at both ends, pack of 100
SMP2/ 1Glass melting point tubes, closed at both ends, pack of 100
SMP10/ 1Glass melting point tubes, closed at one end, pack of 100