Stuart Scientific SI505 Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator, Ambient + 7°C to 60°C, 250 to 1250rpm, 200W

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Temperature rangeAmbient + 7°C to 60°C
Samples4 x Microtitre plate or 2 x microtube racks
Temperature display resolution0.1°C
Temperature fluctuation± 0.5°C at 37°C
Temperature variation
Temperature precision± 0.5°C at 37°C
Speed range250 to 1250rpm
Speed controlDigital set in 10rpm increments
Timermin/sec, hour/min, days/hours
Orbit diameter, mm1.5
Platform size, mm220 x 220
Relative humidity~80% (using water trays)
Internal dimensions, mm (w x d x h)307 x 300 x 190
Maximum load, kg1
Overall dimensions, mm (w x d x h)361 x 405 x 430
Net weight, kg22.5
Heater power, W200W
Electrical supply230V, 50Hz, 250W
IP Rating31
  • £2532.37
  • Ideal shaking action for microtitre plates
  • Combined Incubator shaker
  • Optimized performance to minimize sample evaporation
  • Digital display for temperature and speed
  • Integrated timer
  • A retractable platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Also available with IQ/OQ documentation

The SI505 has been designed specifically to combine a benchtop laboratory incubator with the specific mixing action required for microtitre plates.

Shaking is ideal for mixing microtitre plates, combining a high-speed action between 250 and 1250rpm with a tight orbit of 1.5mm. This enables even the smallest of vessels to adequately mix, be it well plates or microtubes. The SI505 has independent control of speed and temperature to avoid accidental temperature adjustment. Speed is a microprocessor controller and set via the digital LED control panel. The unit also incorporates a versatile timer, which can be set from 1 second to 9 days, once the timer has run down, an alarm will sound and the shaking action will cease, for safety reasons the incubator will continue to run.

The temperature of the incubator can be set, via the digital LED control panel, between ambient temperature +7oC and 60oC. Careful control of the air distribution within the incubator ensures temperature uniformity throughout the sample chamber. To minimize sample evaporation the SI505 is supplied with stainless steel water trays, these are strategically placed within the unit to maintain a humidity of up to 80%, thus dramatically reducing sample evaporation over a 24 hour period.

The SI505's stainless steel platform is retractable, this allows easier access to samples at the back of the incubator. During operation, the platform is securely locked in place but can be easily released when required. The platform will comfortably and securely accommodate up to four microtitre plates on the non-slip mat. Or sample tube racks are available which will accommodate all common tube sizes.

The SI505 also features a USB connection which allows the incubator to be connected to a PC for long-term monitoring of the incubator temperature, overnight or weekends for example. 

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    Stuart Equipment (part of Cole-Parmer)
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    United Kingdom
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