Stuart Scientific SHM1 HandHeld Homogeniser, 5,000 to 35,000rpm, 0.03ml to 100ml, 220-240,50Hz

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 Homogenisation is very common sample preparation step prior to analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, matabolism, pathogens, and many other targets. The Stuart range of homogenisers are designed especially for the homogenisation of material, such as tissue, plant, food, soil, and many others.

Motor125 watt
Speed Control5,000 to 35,000rpm
Processing Range0.03ml to 100ml
Sound level
Net Weight, kg0.5
Dimensions, mm (hxø)160 x 55
Electrical supply220-240,50Hz
IP Rating30
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Ergonomic design
Variable motor speed 5,000 to 35,000rpm
Processing range from 0.03ml-100ml
Can be used with robust polycarbonate disposable probes or stainless steel ones

The Stuart® SHM1 is a powerful, variable speed, homogenizer. The high-speed, high-torque motor makes the unit ideal for most homogenizing applications. During operation, the rotor shaft, which is directly coupled to the motor, spins at up to 35,000rpm. The tube assembly that fits around the shaft remains static and as the rotor shaft spins, within the tube assembly, it creates a pumping action drawing the sample into the open end of the tube, or probe, and forcing it through the windows at the bottom of the tube assembly. This shearing action reduces the particle size of the sample. Besides, the speed differential between the rapidly moving rotor and the static tube assembly creates cavitational force, further dismantling the sample to additionally reduce particle size.

The SHM1 is lightweight making it comfortable to use, and most samples can be processed within thirty seconds. For longer processing, the unit can be stand-mounted using the included post clamp assembly. A retort stand is available separately.

The SHM1 can accommodate a selection of stainless steel probes for larger and tougher samples and also our polycarbonate disposable probes. Disposable probes are suitable for hard tissues and ideal where cross-contamination is of concern. If necessary disposable probes can be easily dismantled and autoclaved up to seven times. Through careful selection of probe type, samples of 0.03ml to 100ml can be processed.

All Stuart® homogenizers are supplied with a tool kit for dismantling the rotor probes for easy cleaning.
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    Stuart Equipment (part of Cole-Parmer)

SHM Probes

These homogeniser probes have been designed specifically for use with the Stuart® range of homogenisers.

The disposable probes are manufactured from robust polycarbonate, and can either be disposed of after each sample or autoclaved, up to seven times. Ideal where cross sample contamination is of concern. While the disposable probes work directly with the SHM1 homogeniser, the SHM/ADAPT adapter, available separately, is necessary to use these probes with SHM2.

The stainless steel probes are available in a variety of sizes to suit your processing needs, all are precision engineered and suitable for autoclaving. The stainless steel 5mm probe comes with a flat end, all other probes have a saw tooth end and are capable of processing hard or frozen tissue.

TypeFlat headSaw toothSaw toothSaw toothSaw Tooth
Processing0.03ml - 5ml0.25ml - 30ml1.5ml - 100ml50ml - 2L0.25 - 30ml

Stand and Accessories

The SHM/STAND has been purpose built to hold the Stuart® homogenisers, it couples directly to the SHM2 and attaches to the SHM1 clamp holder, included with SHM1. The stand is heavy duty to remain stable during use and comes with a rubber coated base to help stabilise samples during processing.

Base, mm (wxdxh)220 x 304 x 11
Rod, mm (ø x h)16 x 610
Net Weight, kg3.6

Ordering Information

SHM/55mm Stainless steel probe
SHM/77mm Stainless steel probe
SHM/1010mm Stainless steel probe
SHM/2020mm Stainless steel probe
SHM/DISPDisposable probes, pack of 25
SHM/ADAPTAdaptor for disposable probes
SHM/STANDStand compatible with SHM1 and SHM2
SHM/TOOLReplacement tool kit to disassemble stainless probes

Replacement Bearing part numbers

GeneratorDiameterLengthShaftUpper BearingLower BearingMid Bearing
SHM/ 55mm95mmSHM/ 5SHAFTSHM10503SHM10505n/ a
SHM/ 77mm115mmSHM/ 7SHAFTSHM10503SHM10507SHM10071
SHM/ 1010mm115mmSHM/ 10SHAFTSHM10503SHM10504SHM10069
SHM/ 2020mm195mmSHM/ 20SHAFTSHM10503SHM10503SHM10069

Over time, and with repeated use, Teflon bearings will wear out and must be replaced. Failure to replace worn Teflon bearings will result in damage to the homogenisr probe. Teflon bearings should be replaced when they no longer fit snugly against the rotor shaft, or when visible wear is apparent, or if black particles become visible in the sample. Any damage incurred through failure to replace worn bearings will invalidate your homogeniser probe warranty.