Stuart Scientific SBH130D Digital Dry Block Heater, For Two Blocks, Ambient +8°C to 130°C, 300W , 230V, 50Hz


DescriptionBlock Heater, 2 block, digitalBlock Heater, 2 block, digital
Temperature RangeAmbient +8°C to 130°CAmbient +8°C to 200°C
Temperature Stability at 37°C± 0.1°C± 0.1°C
Uniformity Within Block at 37°C± 0.1°C± 0.1°C
Uniformity Within Block at 130°C± 1°C± 1°C
Display Resolution0.1°C0.1°C
Dimensions (w x d x h)235mm x 280mm x 115mm235mm x 280mm x 115mm
Net Weight (no blocks)2.3 kg2.3 kg
Heater Power300W300W
Electrical Supply230V, 50Hz230V, 50Hz
  • £690.15
  • Choice of 130°C or 200°C maximum temperature
  • Digital setting and display
  • Uniform and stable temperatures

Designed for the precise heating of test-tubes, micro centrifuge tubes and cuvettes and microtitre plates.

The bright, easy to read LED display facilitates very easy setting of the required temperature and also accurate monitoring of the actual temperature.

Excellent temperature stability and uniformity is maintained via sensitive electronic controls.

Heats to 100°C in less than 12 minutes.

Supplied complete with block extraction tool but without aluminium blocks which must be ordered separately.

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    • Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    Stuart Equipment (part of Cole-Parmer)
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Dry Block Heaters
    • Number of blocks
    • Heat output
      300 W
    • Set-up plate dimensions
      235 x 280 x 115mm
    • Heating temperature range
      +8°C to 130°C

Aluminium Blocks

For use with Stuart block heaters
Manufactured from anodised aluminium
All with a separate hole to accommodate a thermometer if desired (Exc. SHT1/0)
All blocks* have dimensions (w x d x h) 75 x 95 x 50mm and may be used in any combination

Item CodeTube (diameter/ type)No. of HolesHole Size (dia. x depth) mm
SHT1/ 0Plain block--
SHT1/ 1010mm2010.5 x 47
SHT1/ 1212mm2012.6 x 47
SHT1/ 12/ 3312mm2012.6 x 33
SHT1/ 1313mm2013.5 x 47
SHT1/ 1616mm1216.5 x 47
SHT1/ 1919mm819.5 x 47
SHT1/ 202ml tubes2010.5 x 33
SHT1/ 21Block with removable channels for glass and disposable cuvettes--
SHT1/ 221.5ml tubes2010.7 x 14 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 235ml tubes1217.0 x 12 (13° taper)
SHT1/ 2525mm625.5 x 47
SHT1/ 2828mm628.0 x 47
SHT1/ 300.5ml tubes307.8 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 30/ 130mm430.1 x 47
SHT1/ 3333mm433.2 x 47
SHT1/ 480.2ml tubes4861 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 800.2ml strip10 x 8-
SHT1/ 9696 well plate-7.5 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 384384 well plate-3.6 (9° taper)

* Excluding SHT/96 AND SHT1/384 (150 x 95 x 61mm)