Stuart Scientific SBH130D Digital Dry Block Heater, For Two Blocks, Ambient +8°C to 130°C, 300W , 230V, 50Hz

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DescriptionBlock Heater, 2 block, digitalBlock Heater, 2 block, digital
Temperature RangeAmbient +8°C to 130°CAmbient +8°C to 200°C
Temperature Stability at 37°C± 0.1°C± 0.1°C
Uniformity Within Block at 37°C± 0.1°C± 0.1°C
Uniformity Within Block at 130°C± 1°C± 1°C
Display Resolution0.1°C0.1°C
Dimensions (w x d x h)235mm x 280mm x 115mm235mm x 280mm x 115mm
Net Weight (no blocks)2.3 kg2.3 kg
Heater Power300W300W
Electrical Supply230V, 50Hz230V, 50Hz
  • £690.15
  • Choice of 130°C or 200°C maximum temperature
  • Digital setting and display
  • Uniform and stable temperatures

Designed for the precise heating of test tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, and cuvettes and microtitre plates.

The bright, easy-to-read LED display facilitates a very easy setting of the required temperature and also accurate monitoring of the actual temperature.

Excellent temperature stability and uniformity are maintained via sensitive electronic controls.

Heats to 100°C in less than 12 minutes.

Supplied complete with block extraction tool but without aluminum blocks which must be ordered separately.

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  • Manufacturer
    Stuart Equipment (part of Cole-Parmer)
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Dry Block Heaters
    • Number of blocks
    • Heat output
      300 W
    • Set-up plate dimensions
      235 x 280 x 115mm
    • Heating temperature range
      +8°C to 130°C

Aluminium Blocks

For use with Stuart block heaters
Manufactured from anodised aluminium
All with a separate hole to accommodate a thermometer if desired (Exc. SHT1/0)
All blocks* have dimensions (w x d x h) 75 x 95 x 50mm and may be used in any combination

Item CodeTube (diameter/ type)No. of HolesHole Size (dia. x depth) mm
SHT1/ 0Plain block--
SHT1/ 1010mm2010.5 x 47
SHT1/ 1212mm2012.6 x 47
SHT1/ 12/ 3312mm2012.6 x 33
SHT1/ 1313mm2013.5 x 47
SHT1/ 1616mm1216.5 x 47
SHT1/ 1919mm819.5 x 47
SHT1/ 202ml tubes2010.5 x 33
SHT1/ 21Block with removable channels for glass and disposable cuvettes--
SHT1/ 221.5ml tubes2010.7 x 14 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 235ml tubes1217.0 x 12 (13° taper)
SHT1/ 2525mm625.5 x 47
SHT1/ 2828mm628.0 x 47
SHT1/ 300.5ml tubes307.8 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 30/ 130mm430.1 x 47
SHT1/ 3333mm433.2 x 47
SHT1/ 480.2ml tubes4861 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 800.2ml strip10 x 8-
SHT1/ 9696 well plate-7.5 (9° taper)
SHT1/ 384384 well plate-3.6 (9° taper)

* Excluding SHT/96 AND SHT1/384 (150 x 95 x 61mm)