2mag 30201 MIX 1 XL Stainless Steel Magnetic Stirrer, 70 - 2,000 rpm Speed Range, 1 - 40 Litres Capacity

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Magnetic stirrers for highly viscous media and large volumes

Designed for chemical and biotechnical applications of all kinds as e.g. within the field of quality insurance and pilot plant stations, developed for highest demands, unbeaten strong, high stability as well as uncompromising continuous operation.

Type MIX 1 XL
Stirring points 1
Stirring volume/stirring point 1 - 40 litres
Speed range 70 - 2,000 rpm
Stirring power (max.) 20 W
Power setting 5/10/15/20 W (4-step)
Acceleration variable, 20/30/60/120 s
Interval variable, 0 - 240 s (2-step)
Material housing Stainless steel
Permitted operation conditions -10 up to+50 °C (at 95% humidity)
Electrical data 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 1.5 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 225 x 280 x 38 mm
Protection category IP64
Weight (gross) approx. 4.5 kg
Order no. 30201


Ultra flat, strong magnetic stirrer with large set-up area and fully automatic stirring bar monitoring mixWatch, up to 40 litres stirring volume, also suitable for highly viscous media, very strong magnetic coupling, therefore predestined for magnetic power transmission over wide distances or for thick vessel bottoms.

Maintenance-free 2mag-motor-drive with large speed range from 70 up to 2,000 rpm, fully encapsulated and tight stainless steel housing (IP64), extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean and firm.

Integrated controller with strong 20 watts stirring power, 4-step power setting for high power with regard to large and viscous stirring volumes and reduced power for the warming-free continuous operation, SoftStart-function (adjustable, 4 steps) for reliable catching/centering and safe accelerating of the stirring bar at different volumes and viscosities, adjustable interval times for automated restart of the stirrer after max. 240 seconds.

Digital display for speed-, power-, SoftStart- and interval setting, QuickSet for quick setting of start and maximum speed, QuickStop-function against after-run and glass breakage, storage of last function status when turning off.



2mag mixWATCH - Stirring bar monitoring with fully automatic trim of the maximum reachable speed for a reliable and unattended operation of the stirrer.

An absolutely innovation is the integrated contact-free stirring bar control mixWATCH.
In case of the magnetic coupling is separated between the magnetic stirrer and the stirring bar during the acceleration phase e.g. caused by to high set speed or changing viscosities, the magnetic stirrer will be stopped, the stirring bar centred and started again. The set speed level will be reduced automatically by 100 rpm to ensure a reliable stirring process.
This control cycle is operated as long as a safe acceleration of the stirring bar is guaranteed.
mixWATCH is ensuring a very high process safety, e.g. with using of closed non-glass vessels or at unattended overnight operation. MIX 1 XL is equipped as standard with mixWATCH.

Type MIX 1 eco MIX 1 MIX 1 XL
Stirring points 1 1 1
Stirring volume / stirring point up to 3 litres up to 10 litres up to 40 litres
Speed range 120 - 1,400 rpm 100 - 2,000 rpm 70 - 2,000 rpm
Stirring power (max.) 10 W 20 W
Power setting - 4-step (5/10/15/20 W)
Material housing Stainless steel
Permitted operation conditions -10 up to +50°C (at 80% humidity)
Electrical data 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 0.7 A 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 1.5 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 120 x 120 x 35 mm 188 x 238 x 38 mm 225 x 280 x 35 mm
Protection category   IP65 IP64
Weight (gross) approx. 1.8 kg approx. 4.2 kg approx. 4.5 kg
Order no. 30101 30001 30201

3 years warranty on material and manufacturing.

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    2mag AG
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  • Stirrers
    • Number Of Stirring Points
    • Speed Range (rpm)
      70 - 2,000 rpm
    • Stirring Volume (L)
      1 - 40 Litres
    • Plate Dimensions (mm)
      225 x 280 x 35 mm