Statebourne Cryogenics 9916060-1 Biosystem Arctic 24 , Automatic liquid nitrogen refrigerators for storage, Stores 20,350 x 2ml vials in vapour phase – reservoir 49 litres

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ACCESS and ARCTIC. Frequent-access with rapid specimen storage & retrieval


The Biosystem 12, 24 and 50 models are designed to provide frequent-access users with rapid specimen storage and retrieval.  Access Biosystem units are for storage in wide neck dewars for easy access. Arctic Biosystems units are designed for ultra cold vapour phase storage in ‘Dry’ chamber. Every Biosystem Access series container can be configured for either liquid (-196°C), or Vapour phase storage.

  • Stores samples in ‘Dry’ vapour phase at -190C at top of rack
  • Stores 20,350 x 2ml vials in vapour phase – reservoir 49 litres
  • LN2 can be accessed and check, and vessel can be easily re-filled with LN2
  • Racks are only 11 boxes and sit on a plinth for easier lifting (shorter lift height)
  • Open design for accessing all sample racks
  • All metal lid for extra longevity with new long lasting spring hinges
  • New all plastic lid plug that is smooth to allow easier removal of ice
  • New lid seal that holds firmer but can be changed in minutes
  • All metal top plate no plastic parts touching LN2
  • All control sensors inside vacuum space for better protection from over enthusiastic users
  • Twin fill solenoids as standard for extra overfill protection
  • Access for external temperature probe makes it easier for HTA storage
  • Lockable lid with key
  • Small size only 741 mm wide
  • 5 Year warranty on vacuum, 1 year on electrics and valves
  • Supply tank recommended – Cryostor 240 supply tank
  • OPTION – Vapour guard overflow protection system
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Biosystem Arctic series – These units are similar to the Biosystem Access units

However, they are fitted with a copper lining and extra tall plinth, so can only be run in vapour phase. The plinth keeps samples above the LN2 and the copper lining reduces the storage temperature to -190 C. So all samples are stored in an extra cold ‘dry’ chamber.


  • Full width opening for easy, quick access to all samples
  • Vapour phase storage
  • Vapour guard option on Biosystem 24 and 50
  • Quick chill feature for fast temperature recovery
  • Superchill option for vapour phase storage -190º
  • Hot gas by-pass available on all models
  • All metal lid and top plate for greater durability
  • Protocol Testing
  • All units can be offered with IQP and OQP
  • Castor mounted for easy location and movement within laboratory
  • Key operated lockable lid for complete access security
  • Smooth surface high efficiency insulating neck plug for easy cleaning
  • Painted stainless steel top plate for strength and no corrosion
  • Coloured anodised storage racks available for easy identification
  • Full operation and insulation instructions provided
  • Installation, training, commissioning and on site maintenance are available worldwide
  • De-Fog and quick chill functions for good visibility on lid opening and accelerated – re-cooling after lid is shut. (Timings configurable through Microprocessor settings)
  • Control Systems can cope with LN2 pressure range from 20 to 40 psi
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