Statebourne Cryogenics 9915120 Biostor 5 Wide Neck Refrigerator , 66 Litres for Liquid or Vapour Phase Storage, supplied with built in liquid nitrogen fill and level sensor tubes

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A wide range of inventory control systems is available for all Biosystems and Biostar bulk cryostorage refrigerators. Vapour phase and liquid phase options are available on all systems with options on polycarbonate storage boxes, aluminium drawers, canister straw storage, Gambro and Baxter blood bag options.

  • Aluminium towers provide reliable cold vapour storage as low as -170°C
  • Liquid vapour phase systems
  • Straw canister storage systems
  • Gambro and Baxter blood bag systems
Volume Litres66
Internal Diameter mm406
External Diameter mm460
Internal Height mm513
External Height mm777
Weight Empty (Kg)28
Weight Full (kg)81
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Biostor Wide Neck Refrigerators

The Biostor 12 and 24 are supplied with built in liquid nitrogen fill and level sensor tubes to allow the addition of an Auto-fill Kit using a suitable Cryostor as a reservoir. Level sensors can be set to control liquid levels giving either liquid or vapour phase storage and temperatures as low as -185C can be achieved at warmest point of sample storage.


  • Storage of up to 24,000 cryogenic vials
  • Storage for vials, straws and blood bags
  • Full inventory control systems (ICS) available*
  • Also accepts Nalgene square racks
  • Highly efficient thin walled stainless steel design
  • Optional Cryoguard low level alarm for additional security
  • LC200 liquid nitrogen autofill kit available to upgrade to automatic filling
  • Castor mounted for easy movement, (Biostor 5 has optional roller base)
  • 5 year warranty on vacuum



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    Statebourne Cryogenics
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    United Kingdom

Part NumberDescription

9915125Roller Base, Biostor 5
9915124Spare lid, Biostor 5 Aluminium
9915140Spare lid, Biostor 10
9916064Biostor 12 Lid Assembly 
9916034Spare lid, Biostor 20 ( Hinged design   )
9916033Spare lid, Biostor 20 
9701321Cryoguard with integral Data logger
9701042LC 200 autofill kit for Biostor   10/20 
5801710Rack for 25 Place Boxes   (no boxes)12 Aperatures BM12
5801588Rack for 100 Place Boxes (no   boxes)  12 Aperatures BM12
5801644Rack for 100 Place Boxes (no   boxes)  13 Aperatures BM24
5801641Rack for 25 Place Boxes   (no boxes)13 Aperatures BM24