Statebourne Cryogenics 9911025 Cryostor 30 Stainless Steel Cylinders - Low Pressure LN2 Dewars 30 Litres for storage and dispensing liquid nitrogen

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The Cryostor Series is the latest innovation in high performance cryogenic liquid storage for the laboratory with units available from 30 to 500 litres capacity. All Cryostors are equipped with a safety dispensing head incorporating fill, vent and dispense valves, safety reliefs, pressure gauge and an integral pressure build vapouriser with automatic pressure regulation


Capacity (litres)
Evaporation Rate (%/day)
Design Code
PD:5500 CE
Weight Empty (Kg)
Weight Full LN2 (Kg)
M.A.W.P. (barG)
Base Diameter (mm) Footprint dimensions
Overall Height (mm)
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Cryostor Series

Stainless steel construction provides the durability to safely withstand the harshest working environments while offering lower evaporative losses when compared to traditional ‘liquid cylinders’.

All units are equipped with an electronic level guage which gives an accurate reading of dewar contents at the push of a button.

For mobility, all Cryostors up to 300 litres are fitted with heavy-duty castor wheels and the larger units (180, 240 and 300 litre sizes) are equiped with a pull-along towbar handle.

Complete with Castors, all Control Valves, Safety Devices and Contents Indicator


  • 7 models, from 30 litres to 500 litres capacity
  • All welded stainless steel construction
  • All models equipped with heavy-duty castors up to 300 litre size
  • The 400 and 500 have a pallet truck base
  • Tow-Bar handles (180 to 300 litre models)
  • Automatic pressure build circuit fitted
  • Colour-coded, labelled valves for easy identification
  • Twin liquid fill/decant valves as standard
  • Electronic contents indicator fitted

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  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Can Be Used For Liquid Nitrogen ( LN2 )
  • Manufacturer
    Statebourne Cryogenics
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom