Statebourne Cryogenics 9901135, Small Volume Dispensing System 6, CRYOLAB 35 including Withdrawal Device, Hose and Roller Base

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For refrigerator top up.

1. Easy to manoeuvre trolley.
2. Below PED, so no yearly safety checks required- save on money.
3. Aluminium Dewar so a lighter construction than stainless steel vessel and easier to move. 4. Can be filled by any gas company.
5. Dispense up to 2 litres/minute with limited head pressure.
6. Dispenser fitted with hose and phase separator.

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All Cryolabs are designed and manufactured to the very latest standards and offer strength and durability within a lightweight high-efficiency package.

State of the art super-insulation and ultra-high vacuum techniques ensure unrivalled thermal efficiency and vacuum life.

With a range of storage capacities from 2 to 50 litres and an array of accessories designed to facilitate safe and reliable liquid nitrogen handling the Cryolab Series are ideal for laboratory applications.

DISPENSING SOLUTIONS: The Cryolabs can be fitted with various types of accessories to dispense LN2 for various applications.

Product Features

  • 7 models, from 2 litres to 50 litres capacity
  • Dispensing solutions
  • Bucket handles (2 to 10 litre models)
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium construction
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Ultra-low evaporative losses.
  • Dual handles. ( 20 to 50 litre models)
  • LN2 pressure dispenser for 20 to 50 litre models.
  • Dispensing systems
  • Roller bases available (20 to 50 litre models)
  • Unique pouring trolley for Cryolab 25
  • LN2 Dipper available for small volume withdrawals.

LN2 Capacity (litres)35
Evaporation Rate (litres/day)0.27
Static holding time (days)1301
Weight Empty (Kg)12.1
Weight Full (kg)40.5
Neck Diameter (mm)63
Overall Height (mm)650
Overall Diameter (mm)407
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